Your Future Career

Alternatives for your Future Most of us imagined ourselves in a special role for when we became an adult.  I’m telling my age, but I wanted to be a cowgirl, in particular Dale Evans, who played opposite of Roy Rogers, who was a cowboy and actually became her husband.  My parents even bought me a … Read more

Prepare for a Need in the Future

News and Awareness Distinction When Selecting Transitional Expert Large Group Outplacement Small Group Outplacement Individual Outplacement

Encourage Investing Positive Efforts for a Bright Future

Our country and many others around the world are experiencing a variety of unrest, misunderstandings, differences of opinions and/or beliefs, some closed mindedness, misinterpretations, lack of respect, etc.  With these differences, it isn’t easy to bring people together.  However, if people could agree that we all need to respect each other’s opinions and beliefs, such … Read more

SELF-EMPLOYMENT: Facts or Fantasies

With more people concerned about the future of the Job Market and Employment status, Self-Employment is being given more and more consideration.  Fairly understandable as COVID-19 continues to loom over people.  However, it is critical for people to understand the full impact and ramifications of Self-Employment.  It is definitely an option, as long as people … Read more

How Do You Show Employees That You Care?

These are very difficult times, and many companies and organizations are strapped to make ends meet.  Understandably, business owners are looking for whatever ways they can keep their businesses alive, but that may not be enough.  Unfortunately, too many companies are closing their doors permanently, while others are reducing their workforces substantially.  In order to … Read more

Encourage Better Listening of Individuals for the Best Assignment Outcome

This topic should be anything new, and yet so many businesses fall into old habits and routines.  Take time to review this short article and understand that it could make a big difference in your organization. Get to Know People Before Assigning Them to a Position It is perfectly understandable that some people appear to … Read more

The Reality of a Job Loss

Advice for Someone in a Job Search A Devastating and Emotional Experience If you have never lost a job, you may not have a grasp of a person’s feelings of a deep emotional and heart-breaking experience. Many have said that it is like the “proverbial rug” being jerked from beneath you. Such a person can … Read more