C-Suite Career Transition Program

When the time comes for a senior-level Executive/Decision Maker to leave an organization, they will require a more in-depth and diverse career transition program. These senior executives need a strategic, comprehensive, and robust program, and a Career Coach with a rich and decision-making background, to attain their next level. No longer does a C-Suite professional sit at home or in a rocker. They want a new chapter for their lives. They want interesting choices.

Compass Career Management created their C-Suite Career Transition Program to include:

  • Face-to-face Executive Coaching to dig deep and identify priorities and interests that address career and life planning (learn of and research alternatives for possible future endeavors)
  • A thorough, diverse, professional C-Suite Career Transition publication fully collected in a distinguished, quality leather portfolio manual.
  • A professionally-written resume, as well as
  • Technological Tool, which uses digital processing to more fully convey your range of experiences and accomplishments.
  • Assistance in connecting with “credible resources” to explore a variety of careers.
  • A personalized and focused Marketing Plan
  • Coaching on the effective use of Social Media
  • Information provided on academic career path & entrepreneurship/franchises to assist with alternative career goals (business ownership, non-profit involvement, creative venues)
  • Information on community involvement or on commercial Boards
  • Guidance on multiple business and community organizations for Networking
  • Videotaped Interview Coaching
  • Provide three current, leading business-related books for professional growth
  • Connect with Presentation Coach (if interested in possible speaking engagements)
  • Contact with book authorship venue (if interested)
  • Possible connection to financial strategists (if interested).

For companies interested in providing such a program for their exiting/transitional executives, Contact Compass Career Management Solutions at 704-849-2500.