Upper Management-Executive Level Programs

[Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, C-Suite Execs]

Our career transition programs for executives enable the employee and the consultant to jointly determine the best selection of services that meet the employee’s needs. The employer establishes a budget for the services, and the employee steers the delivery of services to those areas most helpful in the transition.

This program is individualized and flexible to meet each executive’s unique needs.  Services are delivered in a time frame based by the budget selected by the employer & then scheduled according to the employee & coach. Then, each individual uses a combination of career guiding resources and tools, delivered to the executive by a supportive, experienced career coach/professional.  Our clear goal is to help each participant achieve the results defined and developed individually by each executive.

Compass Career Management works closely with the Client Companies to develop the best program to meet their goals and budget. Other factors to consider are the length of service of the candidate, the financial status of the employer, any special obstacles for the job search candidate, and the economical climate in the local community.

We make a conscious effort to keep the employer informed on the progress of this employee. It is one of our goals to help each party to move forward in a positive manner.  Compass Career Management Solutions’ outplacement programs always include time for personal exchanges to allow a candidate to express personal and emotional feelings and concerns. This is critical in order for an individual to move forward with a positive frame of mind.

In addition to the traditional core services, additional components may include:

  • Optional spouse and/or older children counseling sessions, which can help all cope better and to teach how to be of better support to each other.
  • Discussion of a “career-life plan” with some guidance in beginning or developing this process.
  • Review and clarify the use of Social Media and other internet resources, which provide career strategies, etc.
  • Introduce to applicable professional contacts within the CCMS network, who might help the Candidate to explore optional career paths.

Executive Success Career Programs

Senior-level executives in career transitions have specific needs that require professional, well-orchestrated programs. We recognize these sensitivities and strive to address special needs and issues that can arise. Our Senior-level executive programs reflect our expertise and understanding, as well as our extensive network.

In addition to our core career transition services, our executive programs include:

  • Access to selected business publications and some resources, as well as assisting with some scanning and selective circulation of resumes to targeted organizations.
  • The connection to appropriate and selective Senior-Level networking resources.
  • Help identifying credible professional resources as additional support is needed.
  • Entrepreneurial support programs and resources are available to those who choose to pursue a “start-up” or acquisition of their own businesses.

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