Group Outplacement Services

[Large or Small groups]

When your company finds itself forced to reduce a portion of the workforce, Compass Career Management Solutions, experts in career transition strategies, can be of valuable assistance. The release or downsizing of employees is a very emotional process, and there are considerations that should be taken into account. Ultimately, the focus is to provide the necessary support and assistance to the affected employees, helping to prepare them for a successful job search.

It is important to note that those remaining employees can find reassurance that the employer is providing support to those displaced employees, which adds hope should any existing employee become downsized

Compass Career Management can help to avoid some very sensitive situations. Even then an unexpected twist can develop. Employees can react quite differently than expected. When reducing numerous employees, there are more chances of “surprises”. Some employers use outplacement firms in an attempt to avoid legal entanglements, but there are still wise steps to follow.

Core services can include:

Job Search Skills Workshops One-on-one Counseling
Individual Resume Development Interview Technique Skills and Practice
Goal Identification Career and Life Planning
Networking Skills Training Use of the Internet

Other topics covered in a “group outplacement program” include the use of Social Media, targeting companies, how to market oneself, preparation for interviews, etc. Each of these services can greatly impact the results of the affected employees.

Specialty Services Include:

Educational Fairs and Job Fairs Transitional Financial Planning Workshop
Retirement Planning Workshop Job Lead Development Center

Compass Career Management has assisted firms in 35 states for over 20+ years.