Facility Closures

Plant or Facility Closures often use the “group outplacement program” approach mentioned previously. However, other additional human resource programs may be needed to address the different aspects of each project, as well as coping with emotional and transitional issues. Since a closure could include an acquisition or merger, and some employees and equipment may take a longer period of time, and/or moving them elsewhere, business may still need to be conducted.  During this “transition” a “Job Development Center” could be needed to help those employees, who are immediately released, as well as those who are continuing to work until their release dates. Outplacement Workshops may be provided over a period of days, weeks, or months as employees deal with their particular situations, include being released.

As with all other services, Compass Career Management customizes each one according to the needs and preferences of the company. Employers are usually focused on helping their affected employees as a way of saying “thanks for their loyalty and hard work, as well as an incentive to help wrap things up.

Our comprehensive plant/facility closing services can include:

Outplacement Preparation Services

Provide assistance in the development of strategic and contingency plans involving closing process objectives, timing and orchestration of events, communication with communities, employees, media, etc.

Notification Training

Train in assisting managers and supervisors charged with delivering the termination message in “preparation for the meeting”; to communicate specific information effectively and sensitively; to minimize supervisor and employee trauma; and to ensure that company property and materials are returned.

Community Leadership

Assist in spearheading community initiatives to support all the affected employees.

Community Resources

Compass Career Management will assist organizing a positive community image throughout the transition, including encouragement of a positive public relations to all the community.

“Stepping Up To The Challenge” Seminar

[A Guide For Managing Workforces In Transition]

This is a half-day workshop focused on issues that managers and supervisors face in a downsizing or closing. The workshop is preceded by a survey to determine specific areas of concern for each participant.

Core Outplacement Services

Job Search Skills Workshops

Salaried and Hourly Employee Formats

Conducted in three to four-hour sessions in one, two- or multiple-day formats encompassing three to twelve of classroom participation. Includes interested spouses, partners, and adult children.

Separate individual counseling sessions intermittently occur between workshops:

  • Private resume construction session
  • Interview coaching
  • Individual Career and Life Planning

Informal Counseling

Although formal private counseling is encouraged for all participants, they are also encouraged to seek additional counseling as needed from Compass Career staff or other designated specialists. This service is included in outplacement costs.

Career Transition Center (Job Lead Development Center)

The purpose of the Transition Center is to provide ongoing Career Transition support to include: additional counseling, job leads, contacting employers, and arranging interviews.

Specialty Workshops:

Retraining & Education Fair

In one central location, participants will be provided with information concerning available Dislocated Workers training opportunities, public and other available funding, and additional career transition support services to include access to pre-approved local colleges, universities, educational institutions and trade schools.

Community Resources Workshop

Provides participants with information concerning the “special” local area resources available to individuals and families in transition.

Self-Employment Exploration – “DARE TO DREAM”

Owning a business has always been a part of the American Dream; and today more than ever before, people are considering this option to career transition.

This exploration of the entrepreneurial spirit begins as a journey of learning, covering: the aspects of starting your own business from set-up to management of finances, marketing, forms of business, and record keeping. Interested spouses and partners are encouraged to attend.

Retirement Exploration (Your Future Plans)

A highly interactive, retirement education workshop designed to address the needs and concerns of employees and their partners, who are contemplating the transition to retirement.

Family/Spouse Roundtable

A facilitated open discussion session in small groups for families and spouses to discuss concerns and questions, identify support roles during transition and review the job change process. Facilitated by senior counselor, former displaced spouse and young adult.

Community Outreach and Awareness Seminars

Generally conducted as a “community breakfast” with a target audience of community leaders, ministerial association, service groups etc. Taught by senior Compass consultants, in conjunction with designated company representatives.

Partner Relocation & Career Coaching

Provides the tool needed to encourage employees (who have dual income households) to accept transfer or relocation with the assurances that their partner will be assisted getting re-established at the new location.