Strategic Planning Forum

There are two groups in an organization/business, who especially benefit from a “strategic planning session/forum”: Executives/Leaders, as well as Human Resources Departments.

“Strategic” Planning is a venue to focus on good organization skills to evaluate past efforts, processes, and programs, followed by constructive analysis to determine shortcomings or ineffective practices.  From reviewing these new procedures, other programs or alternatives are considered.  Then research is assigned before making definite changes.


An outside facilitator is best used for this strategic process, and in-house participants are designated as point persons or backup support. Through this strategic effort, ineffective processes, errors, poor choices, or inappropriate tools are identified, a better timeframe for resolutions chosen, and deadlines for recommendations are set.

Through this evaluation and solution-finding process, improvements and solutions to poor conditions can be noted and corrections put into place.  A reasonable amount of time is needed for this forum, usually between 4 and 8 hours. Then the participants, who have been designated for the research in the forum, will be more aware how to plan their time and efforts in order to meet the Forum’s noted “deadlines”.

These Strategic Planning Forums are designed to be a constructive approach, creating productive results and successful solutions in order to accomplish their goals.  Compass Career Management Solutions has effective professionals to help your organization or company transition themselves into a more productive and successful entity.