(As a Fellow Citizen…) HOW DO YOU SPELL “H-E-L-P”?

When we were children, our parents, grandparents, friends of the family, teachers, principals, and all who represented “authorities” would encourage you to become a good, hard-working, thoughtful, generous, and supportive person.  That sounds like good advice, and there are many children and young people who are doing just that, and some have even been recognized …

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Is Your Employer Supportive of Employee Training

Many employers do not grasp how important training is for employees.  Most employees want to succeed at their jobs, as well as make a positive impact on a business.  This makes the employee feel that they are making a positive impact.  Unfortunately, others don’t grasp how such transitional support can make many to experience a …

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Some major companies are selecting interesting candidates as their new leaders, meanwhile other outstanding leaders are exiting/retiring.  Though colleges, universities, and tech schools are producing some quality talent, there seems to still be a substantial need for those with “skilled labor skills”.  This is especially true in states that are experiencing a lot of growth …

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What To Do If Your Employer Expects To Close?

There are multiple businesses who are said to be preparing to close in 2020. If your employer is one, what are you doing in the meantime? Some employers are providing some type of incentive pay to encourage employees to stay until the closing. However, if an opportunity arises, should you take that or stay until …

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Employers, Do You Provide Key Factors That Attract “Good Employees”?

What do most hard-working adults in the United States seek and consider important and valuable priorities in a reputable and healthy organization or employer today?   Mutual respect Clear expectations (Be upfront and clearly state your expectations of employees) Honest and wise/strategic leadership (Trustworthy) Supportive provisions for employees (including Training & Development) Reasonable and fair …

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How Do You Determine Which Employer Provides the Best Business Practices

When in a Job Search, job candidates should 1) be sure of the type of position that is best for themselves, 2) be clear about what factors are most important in your next employer, and 3) have a list of those top priorities you are seeking for a good work-life balance. As I coach those …

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Note the Leading Transition Needing the Attention of Most Organizations

For a long time companies and numerous organizations haven’t had to give much thought to selecting and developing Business Executives and Leaders for their Succession.  However, the time has come when more and more of our brightest and most successful Leaders/Executives are choosing to “take their leave”.  Rightly so as most have stayed longer than …

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What Signs Do You Watch for in Business to Prepare for the Future

As the stock market fluctuates and business demands go up and down, and prices change, various industries question what lies ahead?  Add to that any tension involving trading between countries, and more doubt increases.  One day most of these indicators can seem fine, and the next day people in one industry or another may convey …

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Human Resources: Professionals Impacting The Bottom Line

The majority of business owners and employers don’t grasp how “human resources” can benefit a company’s bottom line, but they most definitely can!  Since a business is dependent on good, productive employees, there are many ways how the human resources professionals directly impact the Bottom Line. Even before beginning to recruit for qualified employees, an …

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It is So Important to Think of Others

  Everyone has a lot on their plates, and it is very easy to feel overwhelmed.  However, the fact is there are many with even more pain and heartache.  As we work with many people who have lost their jobs, many of these people already have many other troubles and problems that others may not …

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