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NOTICE: Distinguishing What is “Outplacement”

When businesses need to downsize or release employees, some businesses are sensitive to the stress and hardship this causes, and so they hire an “outplacement firm” to assist those employees affected and facing job searches.  Though unemployment is low, the competition for positions are often extremely stressful and intense.  In addition, those employers who are …

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Resource For Transitioning Executives

When a professional finds him/herself in a career transition, some of their employers may provide professional transition assistance, while others do not. However, whether the executive receives professional career transition support or not, each will still find that he/she needs regular interaction with other business persons, where they can discuss their journeys, experiences, and concerns. Most businessmen and women …

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How Can Our Outplacement Firm Assist with a Business Transition

How Can Our Outplacement Firm Benefit All Affected By ROBYN CRIGGER, CEO   After being in the industry of Outplacement and other various Human Resources-Related Transitions for over 24 years, I can tell you that we have yet to “see it all”, as new circumstances keep happening.  However, I do believe our company’s approach to …

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The Need for Change in Outplacement — Different Today than 25 Years Ago

When Outplacement was developed in the 1980’s, the loss of a job was not only devastating, but people didn’t know what to do, and emotions were “off the charts”.  Though always an emotional tidal wave for any position, the executives found it especially difficult to land another professional position.  Blue-collar workers found it a little …

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