Are You Prepared for the Potential Risks in the Future?

“Taking Care of Our Planet” PREPARING FOR THE “WHAT IF’S”: FUTURE UNCERTAINTIES Wherever you go, and whomever you talk with, you can expect different perspectives and points of view when it comes to potential risks to the public in the future.  Many have had family and friends to die from COVID.  Numerous people have jobs … Read more

Benefit of Keeping Your Skills and Education Current

STAYING AWARE AND COMPETITIVE Be Aware & Informed to Keep Yourself Well-Positioned The Business and World Economy is changing continuously, and each person needs to keep themselves current and of value to multiple organizations in order to have good opportunities not pass them by.  Some industries and many occupations come and go in the blink … Read more

Who is the Problem & What is Being Done

ARE YOU AWARE? TWO IMPORTANT TRAITS THAT ARE NEEDED MORE THAN EVER: GOOD ETHICS & RESPECTFUL BEHAVIOR Over the past 23 months, many employees have experienced some very negative workforce environments.  The ones that have made it extra unpleasant are those where the management team and/or the employer have been at the core of the … Read more

The Unemployed – Are They Using The Best Wisdom Re Job Strategy

Obviously, there are a large number of people who are unemployed at this time.  Many of these people are receiving some fairly substantial funds from our nation’s government.  In fact, some are receiving higher amounts of money than they normally earn at past jobs.  However, these government funds will be coming to an end  in … Read more


BIGGEST CONCERNS FOR EMPLOYEES IN 2021 As some careers are Created, others are Eliminated! Employees are facing “transitioning times” as many positions and careers are being eliminated (or reduced), like bank tellers, secretaries, administrative assistants, gasoline attendants, cashiers, etc., while other positions are being created. Many of us seldom see the doctors anymore, but instead … Read more