What Are You Doing to Place Your Organization on a Proactive Path for the Future?

REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF FUTURE ENVIRONMENT, BUSINESS & LEADERS (Desire to be Socially Conscientious) Vs (The newer Generation has NO patience nor value/respect Others.) Is it not discouraging to see images like these above of some of our talented business professionals?  If you ever wonder what the future holds for businesses or business leaders, look at … Read more

Critical Factor to the Survival of a Business

NOTICE OF A CRITICAL FACTOR TO A BUSINESS’ SURVIVAL Effective Communication Skills The top issue or concern that employees relay the most re: their companies and organizations is “Communication”.  This can be a serious indicator of a problem for most business owners and leaders, as communication is critical to their progress and growth.  It would … Read more


When a New Year begins, there are always items that we may want to “do-over” to correct mistakes or present an improved, more beneficial results.  Many people are capable of misjudging or incorrectly evaluating the data when making decisions.  No one is perfect, but when we have a chance to review the facts, we can … Read more

Critical Factor to a Successful Future

WHAT MAKES A GOOD BUSINESS LEADER? Must a Leader Always Be Successful? All businesses want good, strong and successful leaders, but not all leaders are always strong and successful.  Most leaders learn to be successful over time.  In fact, many leaders will first experience a number of failures before they learn that other traits of … Read more

Strategic information that Employers need to know that can positively impact your business

Shares Valuable Information:   HOW EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IMPACTS YOUR BUSINESS When you think of “communication”, what comes to mind?  Who do you think is a good communicator?  What makes that person good at communicating?  Communication is either the first or second issue of top concerns in business today.  Actually, the issue is “poor communication”.  Most … Read more

Why Good Employees Are Leaving Jobs

It is critically important for employers to understand why they are losing more of their “GOOD” employees!!!  Take time to review this notice and learn what steps are needed to avoid losing more “GOOD EMPLOYEES”! FACTORS WHY GOOD EMPLOYEES LEAVE JOBS

Employers – Be Aware of Reactions of Transitions

EMPLOYERS, BE AWARE OF TRANSITION REACTIONS Any Transition Can Uncover Unexpected Emotions! When companies or organizations are faced with unplanned transitions, which affect the workforce negatively, it is not uncommon to encounter sudden emotions that can be hard to manage.  A person’s job is a very big concern, which affects not only the employee but … Read more


Consider who is affected & their Challenges If you/employer find it necessary to reduce your workforce, there are a few factors to consider in order to know what would be best for all concerned.  Also, how this is handled is extremely important.  There is no surprise for those familiar with the reduction of employees as … Read more