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How Have the Skills of our Workforce Changed and Continues to Change

With each generation, skills and personality traits change. There has been a lot of discussion about the differences for instance in Baby Boomers verses Millenials. For instance, the Boomers are usually willing to work long hours verses the Millenials prefer working their specific work hours and clock out. In addition, Boomers take pride in their …

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For decades the public has seen and heard of some very questionable actions and behaviors of not just political leaders, but business leaders, religious leaders, community organization leaders, educational leaders, and even parents. It is no wonder many young adults and older youths are questioning what does the future hold. Although as one who grew …

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Women: How to Grow & Develop Professionally

By Robyn Crigger, CEO Our business world is still very competitive, and though many woman professionals have broken through the “glass ceiling”, the majority of them still are compared to their male counterparts.  There are certain areas of business and professionalism that are especially used to gauge the potential of a woman executive.  Therefore, take time …

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How Can Employers Improve Workplace Behavior, i.e. Bullying and Harassment

No matter what industry or business is your field, it seems there is some level of Bullying or Harassment that exists.  Even the settings make no difference, nor age or level of education or income.  The wide diversity of our workforce has only increased the number of poor workplace behavior situations. With each week that …

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It should be of no surprise that many supervisors and managers have NO business being managers!  No matter how long they have worked there or to whom they are related!  This situation is nothing new.  In fact, this problem has existed decades – if not centuries.  When your company or organization has been fortunate to …

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Hiring Is Serious Business and Those Hiring Need to be Trained to do so Effectively

Too many take the “hiring process” too lightly.  Many think it is a matter of quizzing individuals and watching some sweat, as if the interviewer is “putting the screws” to a criminal.  That is NOT what the hiring process is about. There are specific approaches to help the interviewer determine if the job candidate is being …

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