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Is Your Company a Supportive Community Partner

One important aspect of any company is to have “good public relations” with their community. Companies that hire a larger number of community citizens should feel that public relations is a very important factor. Hopefully, that employer compensates the employees well and provides valuable benefits and resources. The relationship and management that employers have with …

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The Value of the Senior HR Forum

Over two years ago one human resources manager commented to me that it would be helpful to have a group of experienced, decision-making human resources professionals, who could come together occasionally and discuss or share ideas. experiences and resources that would be beneficial to the “fellow Sr. HRs”. From time to time a Senior HR …

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Annual Reviews: the End of an Era

Annual Reviews can actually be traced back to 221 A.D. when an emperor used it to determine the “performance of the official family members”. Though most give credit to Robert Owen in the early 1800’s, who used it to monitor the performance of his cotton mills in Scotland. Then in 1911 Frederick Taylor used this …

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