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Is Your Employer Supportive of Employee Training

Many employers do not grasp how important training is for employees.  Most employees want to succeed at their jobs, as well as make a positive impact on a business.  This makes the employee feel that they are making a positive impact.  Unfortunately, others don’t grasp how such transitional support can make many to experience a …

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It is So Important to Think of Others

  Everyone has a lot on their plates, and it is very easy to feel overwhelmed.  However, the fact is there are many with even more pain and heartache.  As we work with many people who have lost their jobs, many of these people already have many other troubles and problems that others may not …

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An Effective, Well-Trained Team This fall the North Carolina Society of Human Resources Management (NC SHRM) is focusing on “collaboration” at this year’s annual conference, as it is so important and pivotal to the efficiency and productivity of an organization.  Without “Team Work” a workforce is just a group of individuals doing his or her …

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With the Majority of Employees Expressing a Major Concern About Communication, Why Aren’t More Employers Responding?

For years employees have voiced a strong concern about “poor communication” in their organizations. I’ve even had many company management echoing this concern, and yet companies and organizations do NOT seek out or hire experts to address this topic. “COMMUNICATION” touches all industries (businesses, non-profits, educational venues, skilled labor, etc.), as well as different departments, …

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How Have the Skills of our Workforce Changed and Continues to Change

With each generation, skills and personality traits change. There has been a lot of discussion about the differences for instance in Baby Boomers verses Millenials. For instance, the Boomers are usually willing to work long hours verses the Millenials prefer working their specific work hours and clock out. In addition, Boomers take pride in their …

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