INSIGHT INTO EFFECTIVE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Productive Alternatives that Enhance Businesses By Keeping a Positive Attitude, Positive Opportunities Develop Too often negative mindsets block the potential for creative and unusual ideas that could lead to progressive solutions.  Thus, what needs to take place is to encourage open exchanges where ideas may be shared without criticism, and … Read more

Businesses, Are You Making Good Decisions?

BUSINESSES, ARE YOU MAKING GOOD DECISIONS? Using the Same Practices Won’t Produce Different or Better Outcomes It typically takes a few years for a new business to transform into a more productive business, and then when businesses are faced with the unusual circumstances that we have had over the past 2.5 years, it will take … Read more


Practically everywhere you go, you see signs for “Help Wanted”.  Employers cannot seem to find nearly enough employees these days.  Most people cannot understand why more people are not applying for open positions, but with so many having lost their jobs and now having limited funds, many jobs require more skills and training than people … Read more

Critical Factor to the Survival of a Business

NOTICE OF A CRITICAL FACTOR TO A BUSINESS’ SURVIVAL Effective Communication Skills The top issue or concern that employees relay the most re: their companies and organizations is “Communication”.  This can be a serious indicator of a problem for most business owners and leaders, as communication is critical to their progress and growth.  It would … Read more

Are You Prepared for the Potential Risks in the Future?

“Taking Care of Our Planet” PREPARING FOR THE “WHAT IF’S”: FUTURE UNCERTAINTIES Wherever you go, and whomever you talk with, you can expect different perspectives and points of view when it comes to potential risks to the public in the future.  Many have had family and friends to die from COVID.  Numerous people have jobs … Read more


It shouldn’t be surprising that tempers intensify as COVID goes into the third year, which includes the addition of variants, and the death count continues.  Though the medical professionals insist that more people need to be vaccinated, the restrictions, limitations, isolation, etc. has made many to feel they cannot breath!  Simple pleasures like families gathering … Read more

Use Valuable Insight in Preparing to have a Positive Experience of Employees Returning to Work

Practice wisdom, respect, and proactive efforts in preparing for a healthy and positive return of employees to work. HOW TO MAKE RETURNING TO WORK IS A WIN-WIN Reasonable, Safe, and Conscientious Expectations After two years of COVID/Pandemic illnesses, causing huge numbers of serious health issues, deaths, overloaded stress on health and medical professionals, as well … Read more

Who is the Problem & What is Being Done

ARE YOU AWARE? TWO IMPORTANT TRAITS THAT ARE NEEDED MORE THAN EVER: GOOD ETHICS & RESPECTFUL BEHAVIOR Over the past 23 months, many employees have experienced some very negative workforce environments.  The ones that have made it extra unpleasant are those where the management team and/or the employer have been at the core of the … Read more