Improving the Outcome of Your Day

Many speak of the business world as a “cut-throat” business, as there are quite a few who try to take advantage of others, explaining their actions as being one of “survival tactics”, but that is questionable.  Others say that “you reap what you sew.”  The bottom line is that what you do to others speaks … Read more

How to Approach Rough Periods

There is never an easy answer to such situations, but all Leaders today need to give this serious thought. What are topics and concerns that are on the minds of so many people today?  How might these concerns affect local workplaces?  No one has to look far to see issues that could easily cause our … Read more


Our World is Full of Talents, Knowledge, & Resources To understand the value of DIVERSITY you first need to understand what it is.  Many may first say that we have a very diverse world: This is made up of multiple countries, languages, cultures, races, religions, beliefs, types of governments, diets, habits, etc.  With all of … Read more

What Does It Take To Be A Business Owner?

BUSINESS OWNERSHIP: STEPS FOR SUCCESS Should Include Strategic Efforts When I am approached by someone in a career transition, many times the individual will comment that they are interested in becoming a “business owner”.  When I ask them why, often the response is that they would like to be able set their own hours.  Ironically, … Read more

Will your company survive into the future?

How to Enable a Business to Survive A Strategic Plan to Effectively Manage a Company’s Future If Business Owners want their businesses to grow and survive in today’s world, they must think and prepare their businesses to develop and work more effectively, using updated tools, skills, and resources. Employees must be focused and understand to work in … Read more