What Do You See As Charlotte’s Key Points to Becoming More Prosperous

Charlotte has many fine qualities, but like most growing Metros, NO place is perfect. Still Charlotte was noted as being one of the top 20 cities in the United States about 15+ years ago, and it continues to be so now. There are different stats about Charlotte’s attraction to many. I have heard that 50 …

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How Can Employers Demonstrate and Encourage a “Healthy” Work Environment for their Employees?

One of the aspects of my business that I thoroughly enjoy is meeting and getting acquainted with a variety of businesses and their owners. The better I get to know them, the better chance I have of being of assistance to them or others. Today’s workforce, being so diverse and wanting to help contribute to …

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How Decision Makers Decide on Unpopular Topics and Issues

Some business decisions are related to topics and concerns that are devided across different generations. Diversity is a good for businesses, and yet those different generations have definite and distinctive perspectives, priorities, and opinion. With this being the case, it is practically impossible for decision makers to make a final decision on anything that won’t …

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How Do You Manage a Series of Unexpected Challenges via a Transition

Any transition will have some unexpected or inconvenient hardships, which most people know will occur. When assisting a company with a transition, we research and prepare for as many as possible. However, there are some transitions that are not only inconvenient but that can cause havoc for you, your employees AND your customers. Even when …

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Transitions Are Seldom Easy And Often Emotional And Stressful

When was the last time you had to handle a major transition? Changes of all kinds occur fairly often, and the more calm and organized you are about it, the better for your outcome and stress level. If everything remained the same constantly (like the movie, “Ground Hog Day”), the more bored you would become. …

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How Is Your Business Using Technology to Prepare for the Future Workforce

Technology has become a major factor in business and will continue to play a critical role. However, the question may be how will business leaders and owners manage technology in order to benefit businesses and yet not let technology manage the owners and leaders? (Similar to the question: is the dog wagging the tail, or …

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Every new year is filled with LOTS of UNKNOWNS! The local and international economy is always experiencing unexpected events, which can be caused by politics, specific industrial events, and even the weather. Those wise business leaders will do all that they can to research and learn as much ahead as possible. A business leader may …

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What Can Employers Do to Prepare for the Unknowns

There are a lot of unknowns that are causing concerns for employers today. Most of these are out of the control of employers, employees, and customers. Still, employers and business owners need to think about what they can do to protect their businesses or strengthen their organizations as much as possible NOW. By reviewing what …

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There is always a lot of talk the last of each year, with every one sharing their thoughts on how the new year will be business-wise. There have already been many predictions with some unsettling events in the stock market. Though it has been suggested for several months that our nation is due to hit …

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How Can Companies Select Quality Managers Who Motivate and Inspire

Too many companies have selected people for supervisory or management positions, who are either more into “having Power”, or less into developing effective employees. This hurts the whole organization, allowing the company to slip into a lazy, or an “I don’t care Attitude”. Either way this is often places the organization at “great risk”. Those …

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