Being a leader may not be what you expect.  A Leader is not to be someone who is “all powerful” or one to “dictate everyone else’s life”.  A Leader should be one who is honest, responsible, respectful of others, intelligent, full of integrity, straight-forward, accountable and one who takes the role seriously.  At times a …

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How Many Businesses Fail to be Honest?

As a business owner for over 25 years, I am concerned to see so many other businesses, who will scam and avoid being honest or be responsible for poor business ethics. In addition, as a home owner, we have had painters and landscape firms to only partially do their jobs or do it incorrectly, still …

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When asking employees what they would like altered about company performance evaluations in order to be more beneficial, productive, and valued, these are some you have probably heard, but let’s review and clarify for a better understanding. First, have these “performance evaluations” offered at least 2 or 3 times a year.  So much can happen …

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What Have You Done to Prepare for Workplace Violence

As violence at workplaces continue to escalate, it is becoming more critical for employers to address this concern by talking with employees about different scenarios that could develop and what concerns employees may have (as well as the need for employers). For instance, if an employee is one who has difficulty managing his/her own anger, …

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Grab The Brass Ring Now

THE ORIGIN OF ANNUAL REVIEWS: A BETTER VERSION OF THIS PROCESS By ROBYN CRIGGER, CEO Though hard to believe, “Annual Reviews” actually began in 221 A.D., when an emperor used it to determine the “performance of the official family members”.  Robert Owen was believed to have created this process in the early 1800’s to monitor …

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Do You Know How to Efficiently Manage a Business Transition?

Ready or not, here we go starting not only a “new” year but a “new decade”.  As Compass Career Management Solutions has relayed to the Business Community in the past, “change is our one true constant”.  Though many are rattled by change and transitions, they WILL continue!  Does anything stay the same?  We’ll have to think …

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Comparing Charlotte Crime Rates: 1993 vs. 2019

By Katy Solt Charlotte PUBLISHED 4:58 PM ET Oct. 22, 2019 PUBLISHED 4:58 PM EDT Oct. 22, 2019 (Circulated by Compass Career Management Solutions) CHARLOTTE, NC – The number of homicides in Charlotte keeps climbing, with the current total at 88 according to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. But is this the deadliest year on …

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  How well do you understand the issue of Workplace Violence?  It isn’t like waking up on the wrong side of the bed one day.  Some people can be overly sensitive about their close relationships.  Or it could be that a person can be highly sensitive about his/her hair, nose, accent, etc. and become exceedingly …

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Time to Create Your Strategic Plan For A Successful 2020

Take this quieter time after Christmas to think through and review the good and bad choices and decisions you made for your business and yourself over the past year. Use either the 2019 calendar, the past year’s seasons of your business, or possibly the key areas or departments to systematically evaluate what were good efforts, …

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Where Does Mental Health Rank on Employers’ Priority List

In case you hadn’t noticed, there has been a substantial increase in “workplace violence”.  In fact, these have occurred in a wide variety of industries and levels of employment.  The impact of hand guns is not necessarily the basis for this increase. Whether in schools, manufacturing firms, theaters, malls, etc., the increase in anger and violence …

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