BULLETIN – Distinction of Credible Professionals

BULLETIN THE DISTINCTION OF CREDIBLY VALUED PROFESSIONAL SERVICES   When we first started our company, Compass Career Management Solutions, in 1994, a business advisor commented that though no one really knew of our firm back then, many knew of Bill and Robyn Crigger.  However, he continued, that in time our business would gain the respect … Read more

How Are Ethics and Integrity Viewed by Different Generations?

In past generations, a person or professional who had poor integrity or poor ethics was viewed as being someone you couldn’t trust.  What do today’s generations think of such people?  Is ethics or integrity ranked as important as it used to be, OR do people see that as old-fashioned or not relevant today? Many college … Read more

How Do You Cope with Devastating Events

ONE OF THE MOST SERIOUS, DEVASTATING EVENTS   There have been many sad and painful events in our country’s history.  The list includes many, and the majority of people have been affected by these tragedies.  It seems those who have had to face such nightmare experiences have recurring memories, as well as being affected in … Read more

Determining Your Specific Career Path

Be Sure You Understand All That’s Involved in your chosen Profession Each year more occupations and professions have been created, while some of the older positions have been eliminated.  Factors in these changes include technology, economics, trends, interests, shortage or discouraging the use of certain supplies, etc.  Similar changes occurred through the Industrial Evolution and … Read more

Why Good Employees Are Leaving Jobs

It is critically important for employers to understand why they are losing more of their “GOOD” employees!!!  Take time to review this notice and learn what steps are needed to avoid losing more “GOOD EMPLOYEES”! FACTORS WHY GOOD EMPLOYEES LEAVE JOBS

The Unemployed – Are They Using The Best Wisdom Re Job Strategy

Obviously, there are a large number of people who are unemployed at this time.  Many of these people are receiving some fairly substantial funds from our nation’s government.  In fact, some are receiving higher amounts of money than they normally earn at past jobs.  However, these government funds will be coming to an end  in … Read more

Have You Seen the Headlines?

COMPASS CAREER MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS shares article that informs employers of upcoming and expected events for which employers should prepare.  Take time to read and think through what options and decisions are best for you and your company: Have you seen the headlines? — Are Employers Ready for the Turnover Tsunami? These headlines are everywhere. Within … Read more

Employers – Be Aware of Reactions of Transitions

EMPLOYERS, BE AWARE OF TRANSITION REACTIONS Any Transition Can Uncover Unexpected Emotions! When companies or organizations are faced with unplanned transitions, which affect the workforce negatively, it is not uncommon to encounter sudden emotions that can be hard to manage.  A person’s job is a very big concern, which affects not only the employee but … Read more

Pertinent News — Avoid Violence in the Workplace

WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF VIOLENCE IN YOUR WORKPLACE? Tension & Stress can ignite Emotions Quickly! You have no doubt heard repeatedly how stressed most people are feeling due to the ongoing pandemic, and the restrictions that we have all had for so long.  Being confined and unable to be with co-workers, relatives, and friends … Read more