Practically everywhere you go, you see signs for “Help Wanted”.  Employers cannot seem to find nearly enough employees these days.  Most people cannot understand why more people are not applying for open positions, but with so many having lost their jobs and now having limited funds, many jobs require more skills and training than people … Read more

Effectively Beneficial Forums

NOTICE BUSINESS FORUMS THAT ARE PROFESSIONALLY BENEFICIAL Professional Venue to Exchange & Share Credible Ideas/Solutions Compass Career Management has provided and developed numerous business and career forums and venues for individuals and groups to educate business leaders (including human resources professionals) on topics that have caused challenges to organizations, which have included some costly expenses, … Read more

Use Valuable Insight in Preparing to have a Positive Experience of Employees Returning to Work

Practice wisdom, respect, and proactive efforts in preparing for a healthy and positive return of employees to work. HOW TO MAKE RETURNING TO WORK IS A WIN-WIN Reasonable, Safe, and Conscientious Expectations After two years of COVID/Pandemic illnesses, causing huge numbers of serious health issues, deaths, overloaded stress on health and medical professionals, as well … Read more

BULLETIN – Distinction of Credible Professionals

BULLETIN THE DISTINCTION OF CREDIBLY VALUED PROFESSIONAL SERVICES   When we first started our company, Compass Career Management Solutions, in 1994, a business advisor commented that though no one really knew of our firm back then, many knew of Bill and Robyn Crigger.  However, he continued, that in time our business would gain the respect … Read more

How Are Ethics and Integrity Viewed by Different Generations?

In past generations, a person or professional who had poor integrity or poor ethics was viewed as being someone you couldn’t trust.  What do today’s generations think of such people?  Is ethics or integrity ranked as important as it used to be, OR do people see that as old-fashioned or not relevant today? Many college … Read more

How Do You Cope with Devastating Events

ONE OF THE MOST SERIOUS, DEVASTATING EVENTS   There have been many sad and painful events in our country’s history.  The list includes many, and the majority of people have been affected by these tragedies.  It seems those who have had to face such nightmare experiences have recurring memories, as well as being affected in … Read more

Determining Your Specific Career Path

Be Sure You Understand All That’s Involved in your chosen Profession Each year more occupations and professions have been created, while some of the older positions have been eliminated.  Factors in these changes include technology, economics, trends, interests, shortage or discouraging the use of certain supplies, etc.  Similar changes occurred through the Industrial Evolution and … Read more