Take The Driver’s Seat Of A Job Search

Today’s job search requires a person to be strategic and well organized in order to manage an effective Job Search.  Register NOW to attend an effective and supportive group where you can gain clear, focused directions on a successful Job Search.  Click on this link: You are welcome to register and attend this venue …

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Is Your leader Prepared to Safely Navigate Thru a Rough Time?

Most experienced and skilled Leader knows what it takes to navigate or maneuver the ship or business through rough times and difficult, uncertain circumstances. Some turbulent times appear to be ahead, and all Leaders should think proactively and progressively. If you have never faced tense or risky times, you would be wise to seek credible …

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In Retrospect How Would You Now Advise Your Son/Daughter to Choose their Careers?

When many of us were going through high school, about a third of us knew/OR thought we knew what we wanted to do with our adult lives.  Another third had 2 or 3 career that were possibilities, though most weren’t at all certain.  Then the last third had no clue what they wanted to do …

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How Many Businesses Fail to be Honest?

As a business owner for over 25 years, I am concerned to see so many other businesses, who will scam and avoid being honest or be responsible for poor business ethics. In addition, as a home owner, we have had painters and landscape firms to only partially do their jobs or do it incorrectly, still …

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Comparing Charlotte Crime Rates: 1993 vs. 2019

By Katy Solt Charlotte PUBLISHED 4:58 PM ET Oct. 22, 2019 PUBLISHED 4:58 PM EDT Oct. 22, 2019 (Circulated by Compass Career Management Solutions) CHARLOTTE, NC – The number of homicides in Charlotte keeps climbing, with the current total at 88 according to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. But is this the deadliest year on …

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Time to Create Your Strategic Plan For A Successful 2020

Take this quieter time after Christmas to think through and review the good and bad choices and decisions you made for your business and yourself over the past year. Use either the 2019 calendar, the past year’s seasons of your business, or possibly the key areas or departments to systematically evaluate what were good efforts, …

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How Do You Feel About Yourself When You Look In The Mirror

We each have hopes, dreams, and goals for ourselves, but the fact is we have little control over much of our lives. Since the majority of people have to work for a living, one very big and important factor or influence in our lives is our “employer”. When an employer or business owner closes their …

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Wise Management Steps Of Employee Reductions

Most employers face an employee reduction or layoff at some point during their ownership.  This is an emotional and stressful experience, as well as including some legal risks, that need to be taken seriously and strategically.  Obviously, the reason for the stress and intensity involves the fact that this transition will be affecting many peoples’ …

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What To Do If Your Employer Expects To Close?

There are multiple businesses who are said to be preparing to close in 2020. If your employer is one, what are you doing in the meantime? Some employers are providing some type of incentive pay to encourage employees to stay until the closing. However, if an opportunity arises, should you take that or stay until …

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The Key to Effective Outplacement

This is not to make the community anxious but to help them to be informed and proactive.  Changes happen!  That’s life!  But be wise and stay informed and prepared to “manage the change”, rather than having the “change manage you”.  Read and learn. Whoever coined the word “Outplacement” has caused much confusion for those in …

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