Why Good Employees Are Leaving Jobs

It is critically important for employers to understand why they are losing more of their “GOOD” employees!!!  Take time to review this notice and learn what steps are needed to avoid losing more “GOOD EMPLOYEES”! FACTORS WHY GOOD EMPLOYEES LEAVE JOBS

The Unemployed – Are They Using The Best Wisdom Re Job Strategy

Obviously, there are a large number of people who are unemployed at this time.  Many of these people are receiving some fairly substantial funds from our nation’s government.  In fact, some are receiving higher amounts of money than they normally earn at past jobs.  However, these government funds will be coming to an end  in … Read more

Have You Seen the Headlines?

COMPASS CAREER MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS shares article that informs employers of upcoming and expected events for which employers should prepare.  Take time to read and think through what options and decisions are best for you and your company: Have you seen the headlines? — Are Employers Ready for the Turnover Tsunami? These headlines are everywhere. Within … Read more

Employers – Be Aware of Reactions of Transitions

EMPLOYERS, BE AWARE OF TRANSITION REACTIONS Any Transition Can Uncover Unexpected Emotions! When companies or organizations are faced with unplanned transitions, which affect the workforce negatively, it is not uncommon to encounter sudden emotions that can be hard to manage.  A person’s job is a very big concern, which affects not only the employee but … Read more

Pertinent News — Avoid Violence in the Workplace

WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF VIOLENCE IN YOUR WORKPLACE? Tension & Stress can ignite Emotions Quickly! You have no doubt heard repeatedly how stressed most people are feeling due to the ongoing pandemic, and the restrictions that we have all had for so long.  Being confined and unable to be with co-workers, relatives, and friends … Read more

Business Alert — A Company’s Reputation — Its Impact

IS YOUR COMPANY A GOOD PARTNER TO THE COMMUNITY? Willing or Able to Give a Helping Hand? When you mention your company’s name, what does the public say about your business?  For what is your business known?  Does it have a good reputation?  Does your community have a high regard of your company?  Are your … Read more

What Stress Are Children Feeling during this Pandemic?

  COVID has been taking a big toll on the lives of all Americans and others for well over a year, but who is feeling the stress more: parents or children?  Clearly, both have felt the negative impact of this intensely overwhelming, unusual and devastating crisis.  Surveys were done in 2020, which were researched, examined, … Read more

How to Recapture Peace in our Country and Mend

How to Recapture Peace in our Country and Mend? How Would Our Past Proactive Presidents Advise in Times When Our Nation Was So Distraught? Now is not a time to chastise others or criticize anyone’s reactions, but to stop and allow for peaceful reflection and give deep thought on how to heal our nation’s wounds … Read more


A Different Change Being Chosen By Many With 2021 having arrived, more and more Baby Boomers and others are giving a serious look at the “World of Retirees”.  A large number of employees are anticipating taxes to be on the rise, and COVID is still causing a lot of challenges, putting more jobs and businesses … Read more

NOTICE of Recent Meeting of Sr HR Forum

NOTICE OF RECENT SR HR FORUM The week before Christmas, the Sr. HR Forum participated in a Zoom meeting to discuss some of the current issues and questions that are being experienced in many businesses.  Those participants of this group strive to seek ways to address current challenges and be proactive to make their businesses … Read more