How Many Businesses Fail to be Honest?

As a business owner for over 25 years, I am concerned to see so many other businesses, who will scam and avoid being honest or be responsible for poor business ethics. In addition, as a home owner, we have had painters and landscape firms to only partially do their jobs or do it incorrectly, still … Read more

How Do You Feel About Yourself When You Look In The Mirror

We each have hopes, dreams, and goals for ourselves, but the fact is we have little control over much of our lives. Since the majority of people have to work for a living, one very big and important factor or influence in our lives is our “employer”. When an employer or business owner closes their … Read more

The Key to Effective Outplacement

This is not to make the community anxious but to help them to be informed and proactive.  Changes happen!  That’s life!  But be wise and stay informed and prepared to “manage the change”, rather than having the “change manage you”.  Read and learn. Whoever coined the word “Outplacement” has caused much confusion for those in … Read more

Breaking News! 2020 NC SHRM Conference

Preview of the 2020 NC SHRM Conference to be held in Winston-Salem with Bill Crigger as the Chair of the Event.  This was an interview that was promoted on Facebook.   Great opportunities for SHRM members, potential sponsors, exhibitors and speakers by going to the website note via this link.   Additional information:  

Human Resources: Professionals Impacting The Bottom Line

The majority of business owners and employers don’t grasp how “human resources” can benefit a company’s bottom line, but they most definitely can!  Since a business is dependent on good, productive employees, there are many ways how the human resources professionals directly impact the Bottom Line. Even before beginning to recruit for qualified employees, an … Read more


With Charlotte continuing to be such a draw for many people moving, some say we have approximately 60+ people moving to the Metro each day.  Imagine that in just 10 days, 600 people could be looking for a job.  In 30 days that would be 1800 people in a job search.  Obviously, not all of … Read more

Where Do You Stand on Accountability?

An area of concern being relayed by many employers and even college professors is the attitude and reduced commitment by employees and students when it comes to their reduced value of being accountable for their work and tasks. This is being reflected in their reduced interest for doing a good job with their classwork or … Read more

How Honest Are People Really?

In daily conversations, people will often say, “trust me”, but do you?  Do people even realize what they are asking?  Sometimes including the word, “honestly”, is used when you know that person is far from “honest”. Trust is a trait or character trait that was expected in most people, but more people are demonstrating that … Read more

Be Proactive Re: Violence in the Workplace

As violence continues to escalate in every setting imaginable across the United States, employers need to give more serious attention to this growing concern.  Schools and colleges, manufacturing firms, movie theaters, offices, hotels, etc. are all vulnerable, and it is doubtful that many employers have a solid understanding of how to handle volatile or sensitive … Read more