Employers Who Find Themselves Releasing Employees

One of the worst tasks of employers is finding themselves facing a downsizing or with the necessity of releasing employees due to no fault of their own.  Yes, you hear that “business is business”, and that “it’s not really personal”, but releasing an employee, who has been doing his or her job is a very … Read more


With Charlotte continuing to be such a draw for many people moving, some say we have approximately 60+ people moving to the Metro each day.  Imagine that in just 10 days, 600 people could be looking for a job.  In 30 days that would be 1800 people in a job search.  Obviously, not all of … Read more

Where Do You Stand on Accountability?

An area of concern being relayed by many employers and even college professors is the attitude and reduced commitment by employees and students when it comes to their reduced value of being accountable for their work and tasks. This is being reflected in their reduced interest for doing a good job with their classwork or … Read more

How Honest Are People Really?

In daily conversations, people will often say, “trust me”, but do you?  Do people even realize what they are asking?  Sometimes including the word, “honestly”, is used when you know that person is far from “honest”. Trust is a trait or character trait that was expected in most people, but more people are demonstrating that … Read more

Be Proactive Re: Violence in the Workplace

As violence continues to escalate in every setting imaginable across the United States, employers need to give more serious attention to this growing concern.  Schools and colleges, manufacturing firms, movie theaters, offices, hotels, etc. are all vulnerable, and it is doubtful that many employers have a solid understanding of how to handle volatile or sensitive … Read more

Important Factors in Healthy Workplace Environment

How It Impacts an Organization   Have you noticed a change in the work environment in your office?  Can you feel tension among your employees when in the office?  Do you get along well with your co-workers?  Or do you spend a lot of time coping with difficult co-workers or critical superiors instead of focusing … Read more

How to Decide if Self-Employment is for You

If Serious About Self-Employment, First Learn the Facts How many businesses fail within the first year in the U.S.? The SBA says 30% of small businesses fail within the first two years in the U.S., 50% fail within the first 5 years, and 66% fail by their 6th year. However, if you are sure you … Read more


April 1994 – April 2019 Happy 25th Anniversary Many people have “turning points” in their lives. Bill and I came to our crossroads in the fall of 1988. After working for The Kroger Co. for 20+ years and managing the closing of the Kroger Carolina District, Bill experienced a five-year journey involving three jobs. He … Read more

Improve Poor Communication & Benefit Your Business

COMMUNICATION: A BIG FACTOR AFFECTING THE BOTTOM LINE After hearing for years that “Communication” is the one big challenge of many organizations, Compass Career Management Solutions is ready and encouraging companies to tap into a half-day workshop that can “open communication” and resolve many of these murky, confusing and misleading glitches, which cause not only … Read more

Resource For Transitioning Executives

When a professional finds him/herself in a career transition, some of their employers may provide professional transition assistance, while others do not. However, whether the executive receives professional career transition support or not, each will still find that he/she needs regular exchanges with other business persons, where they can discuss their experiences, concerns, and good resources. Most businessmen and … Read more