Transitioning Executives

Executives in Transition Support Group

The goal or purpose of this group would be to assist those corporate, salaried people, who were released (placed in a career transition) without any Outplacement services or support.

For those businessmen and women, who value and recognize the need for professional instruction of a Career Transition, and who understand the need to mix with other professional working people, where they can seek insight, expand their networks, and learn of opportunities and resources, our monthly venue is open to them.  It takes time for each person to determine for him/herself what exactly is his/her career goal.  Even then, a person needs to evaluate pertinent information to relay to employers how they can benefit an organization, as well as research enough about a company to decide if that company matches their own strengths and experiences.

Though there is no charge for this monthly venue, it does NOT replace receiving personalized Outplacement assistance.  (For those needing more individual support, we can discuss privately what services are needed and tailored for him/her, as well as the charges.)  This monthly venue does provide some basic, necessary steps and instruction on tackling one’s job search.

Participants need to register on the Compass Career Management website to secure a seat for this meeting and will be responsible for his/her own breakfast and tip to wait staff.

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