Job Opportunities

From time to time, we receive information on employment opportunities available through our network.  We will post details here for your information.

Please check back as this information will change.

Critical Info on Value of Career Transition Services

A JOB SEARCH IS STILL NO EASY TASK, BUT INSTEAD STRESSFUL THE VALUE OF AN EFFECTIVE & PROFESSIONAL JOB SEARCH PROGRAM A job search has become more and more competitive and stressful as time has passed. If your parents lost a job, they needed a good resume and to learn how to handle an interview, … Read more

This is a Great Opportunity if You are Well Organized and Proactive

Career Choices Include Being a Woman Business Owner The Reality of Your Career Life Choices Some people know from a young age what kind of career they want for themselves.  The idea may come from the people around them, or from a direct experience they have had.  Some impressions may not be the true reality … Read more

Expected insight for businesses in the future

A LIKELY PEEK INTO THE NEAR FUTURE Though COVID-19 has experienced some slow-downs, and more people are gradually getting their vaccines, there are still some additional variations of the virus, and people are continuing to travel, mix socially, and not always wearing masks or social distancing.  Therefore, the pandemic is far from over.  This can’t … Read more

Take The Driver’s Seat Of A Job Search

Today’s job search requires a person to be strategic and well organized in order to manage an effective Job Search.  Register NOW to attend an effective and supportive group where you can gain clear, focused directions on a successful Job Search.  Click on this link: You are welcome to register and attend this venue … Read more