This long pandemic period, which is still a long ways from coming to an end, has caused many businesses to close. and many more employees to find themselves without a job.  However, many employers don’t realize how talented and skilled their Human Resources professionals are.  Though some companies are being strategic about re-creating their companies … Read more

Make Plans for the Fall in Preparation for Your Future

In the fall, most of us begin to think about the “new year” coming up.  What do we expect?  What do we want to accomplish or begin?  How can we improve from this current year?  From there we may plan the steps to achieve these goals, and it does take “a plan”. Of course, the … Read more

A Different Side Effect to the Panemic

After 20-21 months since the Pandemic began, people all around the world have experienced a WIDE-RANGE of effects from COVID itself, as well as paranoia of catching the virus, some feeling claustrophobic, having trouble breathing while wearing the facial masks, becoming fearful from going outdoors OR anxious about constantly staying indoors, etc. Another large percentage … Read more

In Planning Your Future, Is Self-Employment or Retirement Being Considered?

There are so many unknowns in the employment world that it is hard to predict what job opportunities may lay ahead for your future.  Though many people may assume that they will continue doing whatever they have been doing, some industries may run into “road blocks” that could detour those plans.  Therefore, people would be … Read more


Violence Doesn’t Benefit Anyone! What do you want to see happen in our communities today in regards to the response to the pandemic?  Improve mutual respect, true accountability (people doing their jobs appropriately), peace in our neighborhoods, returning our economy to a kind of normal, more dependable and stable jobs, etc.  Obviously, there are other … Read more

How to Make Each Day Count

Each day I wake up thinking, “here starts a fresh day, with countless possibilities, and hopeful that people are taking this Coronavirus serious, and therefore, being more vigilant and compliant about what it will take to bring this illness to an end.  Even if a person WANTS to go out and do whatever they want, … Read more

How To Keep Morale & Attitudes Positive in the Workplace

Time passes, and yet the battle against the Coronavirus continues to make our lives grueling and an up-hill battle.  Sadly, there are still many young adults and older teens, who refuse to face or accept reality, and thus behave with defiance and a smuggness, as if to dare the disease to affect them.  This age … Read more

Do You Know How to Efficiently Manage a Business Transition?

Ready or not, here we go starting not only a “new” year but a “new decade”.  As Compass Career Management Solutions has relayed to the Business Community in the past, “change is our one true constant”.  Though many are rattled by change and transitions, they WILL continue!  Does anything stay the same?  We’ll have to think … Read more