Can There Be Loyalty without Trust? Consider all employers who you have had over time.  Of those employers, did you trust them all?  If you didn’t trust them, how dedicated and loyal were you towards them?  You may not have been aware if an employer was loyal or supportive of you or not, though sooner … Read more


  Do Employers Effectively Relay that they Value Employees Being Accountable? What does it mean to be “accountable”?  Are you a responsible person?  When my children were young, especially while they were adolescents (or “tweeners”), and they didn’t want to follow the family rules, they would say that they couldn’t wait to be adults.  And … Read more


What do you see that is different in the photos of schools 100 years ago vs Today? What is the first thing you notice that is different between the two pictures above?  The left photo was taken more than 70 years ago, and the right photo was taken recently.  Some differences may seem very obvious, … Read more

Changes Companies & People Can Make to Protect our Earth’s Climate

Studies continue to be done confirming the substantial changes to our Earth, on which the climate is growing more critical daily.  Large portions of glaciers are breaking off and floating away, happening more often, and temperatures of the Earth increase and even more at our two poles. As most know, there are many factors that … Read more


  Ridding oneself of germs & bacteria with soap & hot water Have you felt that you are on a merry-go-round in regards to the “real status of COVID”?  Initially, we were faced with one virus, and then other variants appear.  Second, there was one vaccine, then another, and then another.  Can they all be … Read more

What Stress Are Children Feeling during this Pandemic?

  COVID has been taking a big toll on the lives of all Americans and others for well over a year, but who is feeling the stress more: parents or children?  Clearly, both have felt the negative impact of this intensely overwhelming, unusual and devastating crisis.  Surveys were done in 2020, which were researched, examined, … Read more


All Humans Have their Differences What is your organization doing to promote and enhance a healthier, supportive, and more unified work culture?  There seems to be more and more talk about the differences among us, instead of all the things we have in common.  Obviously, there will always be differences from one person to another.  … Read more

Employment & Business Changes as 2021 Progresses

Businesses and employment certainly went through a lot of changes in 2020, and now with a new Administration at our country’s helm, other changes are expected.  Watch closely and observe what develops throughout this year.  As most may agree, even when you are told that all will get better, the question may be for whom … Read more

Accepting Your Limitations But Being Open to Learn

There are times when we have to accept some limitations, though they may be temporary, yet definitely restrictive for a period of time.   During that time we have to face the limitations, working around them until those restrictions are lifted.  If you have dealt with this before, you may recall needing lots of patience to … Read more

Challenges Many Have in Managing a Job Search

There are numerous people in a Job Search these days, and it is quite common for these people to not get positive responses or ANY response.  A Job Search requires a lot of strategic efforts with very good follow-ups.  You can’t expect to fill out an online application and expect instant offers.  This is just … Read more