Strategically Planned Leadership Development Program

Today companies are finding that their new and very diverse leadership candidates could use a different approach to “leadership training”. The fact is part depends on what level of leadership an employee has experienced or is seeking. Since Compass Career Management Solutions is an expert in “transitions”, we are well suited in developing a “gradual and proportionate” Leadership Training Program, which can address the different aspects of leadership in an appropriate manner.

Obviously, not everyone is suited for “leadership”, therefore, assessments and evaluations can help to identify those candidates with the needed skills, education, and competencies. Our new “Strategically Planned Leadership Development Program” will offer options that will provide different levels of leadership skills needed based on the stage and targeted leadership position.  This program was designed to integrate the new Generation of Leaders.

A Leadership role clearly requires specific skills, competencies, character traits, and experience, etc., which is why all Leadership Candidates should be screened to be sure each is ready for and interested in this important responsibility. Being a leader (supervisor, manager, director, etc.) is challenging and requires a person to possess high integrity, good communication, be impartial, organized, diplomatic, etc.  A good leader displays a deeper level of these competencies, as well as the ability to see all sides, is resourceful, while following company policies and rules.

Compass Career Management’s Strategically Planned Leadership Development Program can be arranged for a group of one company’s Leadership candidates, OR we can offer an open enrollment for a mixed group of multiple companies’ leadership candidates.  Sometimes a mixed group can be very enlightening. We will keep the class to a maximum of 20. This should allow for good interaction and attention.

Compass Career Management is respectful of all companies’ private or classified information or issues, and thus avoids or covers general info about private or sensitive areas. When possible, directly involved exercises can be very effective, including role playing. Once candidates complete their Leadership Training, they should return to work and utilize their training.  If any challenges are experienced, the candidate should first turn to his/her supervisor for specific company coaching.  Then if needed, Compass Career Management can be hired for additional professional coaching on specific areas.

This new Leadership Program is not only designed to address our new and very diverse workforces, but to offer a reasonable charge and practical approach to Leadership Development. The outcome of this program should greatly enhance the potential of your company. For more information, call our office: 704-849-2500 or email

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