Welcoming business people

Once you have been able to recruit a solid and competent employee, your company needs to provide an effective program to help this employee receive a full and clear understanding of the purpose and mission of the company.  Such a efficient program will prepare this new employee to go into this position with an understanding of all expectations. 

Your company’s On-Boarding Program should be comprehensive and allow for questions and clear instructions on all routine company procedures as well as time to complete all company paperwork.  Once a general review of company policies and routines have been delivered, there should be time allotted for special “coaching” programs, which should be focused on those areas, that the employee may set as goals for his/her future career.  This program is referred to as “Onboarding”, or some call it “Assimilation Coaching”.

With the hiring of a talented candidate, as special skills or interests are observed, this candidate should be placed on a development program to assist this individual to gain the training necessary to grow towards his/her career goal.

If a candidate has been selected for a high-level leadership position, a coach is carefully selected, whose personality and approach is well matched for the leadership candidate.  A candidate for a high level requires a commitment with an Executive Coach for a minimum of six months.

An assessment is often included for a leadership candidate to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses, as well as gaining some individual input from those close to the candidate, prior to beginning this commitment.  The key focus is to clearly determine the areas needing refined, corrected, and/or strengthened.  In addition, weaknesses should be identified, that need to be eliminated or at the very least reduced.  It should be explained ahead what roles and practices will be required of this leader, according to the Board of Directors or the controlling entity, who sets the goals in agreement with the Executive Coach to include a reasonable amount of time to achieve.

This On-Boarding process makes a huge difference in the progress of developing a strong and strategic team to be assigned to appropriate roles in growing a successful organization.