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Compass Career Management Solutions continues to seek resources and tools to help our clients with challenges and to strengthen their organizations to be more productive and successful.  Two negative issues in most companies are 1) employees believe the communication within a company is very poor, and 2) that employees are not always clear about “what is expected of them” or what is the company’s vision or mission.  They also like to receive feedback on how they are doing more than once a year at an Annual Review.

Of course, management tends to dread those annual reviews, and most managers are often uncertain what to say about their employees, or how to rate them.  The stress related to this effort doesn’t have to be this way.  The fact is “Annual Reviews” were started in Biblical Times, and it seems the process has not really improved or found to be beneficial.

However, there is new tool called “Performance Culture”,  Compass Career Management Solutions can assist you in determining some distinct and vital clarifications that help to relay the company’s purpose and core values, which lay the groundwork for specific guidelines and expectations, and this is then incorporated into a “road map” for all.

“We believe people deserve a chance to be great and work in an environment they love; that an organization’s culture should build a sense of community while fulfilling its mission. We believe managers should be more than supervisors — They should coach and mentor their employees.

Your company culture drives your competitive advantage because it determines how things are done and how people behave. When your culture drives performance and fosters team chemistry, it’s known as a Performance Culture. While each organization’s culture is unique, a Performance Culture includes a pattern of remarkably consistent behaviors, known as core values. We developed the Performance Culture System™ to help organizations learn how to develop and coach team members using the core values found in high performing companies.

Performance Culture is a web-based performance management platform that helps managers and employees improve through the three steps of Align, Coach and Manage. The software system replaces traditional employee appraisals / performance reviews with a platform built for team leaders and their employees.” (Quoted from the PCS organization)

As a Strategic Partner of Performance Culture Systems, Compass Career Management Solutions has been certified and trained to provide and deliver this technology, as well as training and coaching a company to utilize this program, positioning a company to become much more productive and efficient.

With one of the top concerns of most employees today being that they do not receive good communication from their company leaders, nor clear expectations and feedback on their work efforts, this program (PCS) will create a very effective process to address this.  In turn, your company will be much more productive and successful.  Plus you will be able to retain your good employees.

The PCS program, a technological tool, provides a format to help better communicate among your company and  is cost efficient, which is another benefit.  From the solid information produced from the program, your leaders as well as subordinates will show substantial improvement.  No more guessing as how to rate an employee or how to help them improve.  The data from this technology helps to clarify how and where to help an employee to improve.  This, in turn, strengthens and benefits the business.

There are areas throughout the program which can be customized, plus there are options where an employee can be guided by another employee or tap into the professional coaches within Compass Career Management Solutions.

A subtle benefit of PCS is that it encourages and lends itself to have more frequent, constructive conversations between employee and employer.  Strengthening this relationship is definitely a benefit!!!  To learn more about Performance Culture Systems, contact Compass Career Management Solutions today! 704-849-2500.

Performance Culture Leaders

Melissa Phillippi is President of Performance Culture, Inc.  Dallas Romanowski, as CEO, founded and developed a web-based program, which was performance management platform, that helped managers and employees improve performance through continuous coaching, timely feedback and meaningful recognition.  The platform was designed to align company goals with employee expectations, coach employees on both performance and key behaviors, and manage team members using an organizational scorecard.

Melissa saw the excellent potential of this program and partnered with Dallas to continue maximizing its potential.  Melissa has trained Robyn and Bill Crigger, CEO and President, respectively, of Compass Career Management Solutions to be certified as Strategic Partners of Performance Culture, positioning them to provide this service and program to companies and clients.  This program is in line with the focus of Compass Career Management Solutions, as they encourage employers to be proactive and progressive with their companies, helping them to be stronger and more successful.

Prior to joining Performance Culture, Inc., headquartered in Wilmington, NC, Melissa worked in banking and financial sales and became a top performer among her peers.  Dallas has been with IBM as a business developer and has helped other companies to grow and excel.

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