Performance Management

performanceManagementFor the past several years companies have been hearing more about “Talent Management”, which is very important during these years as more and more leaders and executives begin to retire, and the Succession Plan is dependent on its Talent Management Program to develop and fill those positions opening up. It is ultimately these leaders, who must be thoroughly prepared, trained, and coached to take over the leadership and move the organization forward on a successful path.

Though the development of these leaders is crucial, there is also a serious need for the training and development of the workforce. The nation’s economy continues to fluctuate and causes a feeling of uncertainty; all companies need to be very focused on building strong and efficient organizations. For this, it is imperative to encourage all employees to do their very best.

When employees are hired, the screening should include a clear understanding of his/her competencies and skills. With their potential noted, appropriate coaching and training should be provided in order that an employee is able to give the company the very best support possible. The goal is for employees to make a company successful.

Performance Management is, therefore, a vital component and has the purpose for employees to provide their leaders with quality service and 100% effort. Again, the ultimate goal is to make a company successful.

There are now strategic tools and resources that can help a company better measure and manage the Performance Management process. Compass Career Management Solutions, who has been an expert in “managing change”, takes that a step further and helps to identify, measure, and provide direction to strengthen a workforce.