Senior Human Resources Forum

“Supportive Affiliates/Organizations/Partnerships”

Human Resource Management System

A few years ago Compass Career Management Solutions created a free venue for those experienced human resources professionals, who often have to make decisions, develop programs and guidelines for new situations regarding employees in the workplace.

With employees there is always something new and different developing in the workplace. Some more complex than others, but all requiring focused attention, interviewing of people who were involved or present, determining what aspects need adjustments or a total revamping.

After many discussions with these “senior human resources professionals”, it seemed clear that these human resources professionals placed a lot of value in discussing these issues and situations with their peers and colleagues. For that reason, Compass Career Management Solutions chose to create this new professional group – for those who valued the support.

The Senior Human Resources Forum initially met in a hotel’s meeting room, discussing the types of issues and concerns which they sought information, ideas, resources, etc. Since these professionals keep very busy schedules, the group recommended meeting one or two times a year, or as needs arose. Attendees also agreed to try to meet at each other’s locations and to meet early in the day. The group chose not to advertise, but to share this venue with each other’s HR contacts.

All who registered were asked to each send the facilitator (Compass Career Management Solutions) up to three issues or concerns that would be included for group discussion. There has only been once that we invited a panel of four lawyers to discuss some legal HR issues.

If a senior HR Professional in our Charlotte Metro is interested in adding his/her name and contact info to the list for future attendees of this venue, simply email Robyn Crigger, CEO, Compass Career Management Solutions at