Pamela F. Robinson, J R Cole Industries, Inc.

This is just to share my recommendation and endorsement of Robyn Crigger, CEO of Compass Career Management Solutions? I don?t recall how long ago it was when I first spoke with Robyn, but we reconnected a year ago when I needed help with outplacement services for some our employees. She was very gracious in making arrangements and treated our employees with the utmost of respect. Her demeanor and knowledge helped guide and transition our folks through a very difficult time. What an invaluable service.

Robyn is upbeat, positive, and always encouraging and supportive to not only employees who need her services, but also to HR professionals. We are often on islands alone it seems, but Robyn is a champion for Senior HR individuals. She hosts HR Forums and invites Senior HR Decision makers to participate. She gathers input from participants ahead of time on the most critical topics to discuss. It is an informal method of sharing concerns, ideas and suggestions to help each other. In the process, we build a network of contacts and support as well. Robyn indeed has a sixth sense. She senses who needs support and in what manner. I am extremely fortunate to have her in my area, but most importantly, as a friend as well.