Virtual Solutions

Virtual Solutions is the newest dimension of human resource development, which has grown substantially over the last several years.  With so many people needing flexibility in their careers and positions, businesses and supportive services needed to create venues that could be altered or accessed in a variety of ways.

In the field of Talent Management and Career Transitions, Compass Career Management Solutions are fortunate to have experts in a wide range of areas to develop tools that can address current needs with more yet to come.

With a combination of the internet and other technology, new programs are being created daily.  A person can now create their own “websites” that demonstrates their many talents and experiences via graphics.  These personal websites more clearly reflect a person’s an in-depth review of the many skills and talents a job search candidate possesses, which goes beyond a resume and includes the capability of video conferencing.  This enriched document captures a more comprehensive review of a job search candidate.  It brings a resume to LIFE!  It can separate you from your competition in your job search and act as a staple of your professional career path.

However, this never takes the place of face-to-face networking and relationship building.  Though not everyone appreciates the term “networking”, the conscious act of getting acquainted and showing genuine interest in getting to know other professionals is a very valuable effort.  Also, with people preferring varied types of communication, it is wise to include face-to-face communication along with verbal and written.

All are encouraged to keep an open mind and be flexible when connecting with others.  The use of “Virtual Solutions” may seem foreign to many but is now a viable option.  When building relationships with other professionals, it doesn’t hurt to ask what venue of communication is their preference.  Compass Career Management Solutions can be your partner when seeking alternatives.