Change Management

Companies face many types of change and transitions that require adjustments and support. Whether going through an acquisition, merger, reorganization, there may need to be some evaluation of how to restructure in order to be more effective or whether some employees may need to be released, made part-time, etc.

Many times those in the company are too close to this organization to see what is really needed.  It is easy to understand as when you are used to a process or certain people to be involved, you may not imagine how making a change could improve the process.  In other cases something that needs attention can get overlooked out of habit.

A fresh pair of eyes can often catch snafus that people used to their routines might not.  Making any kind of major transition usually involves a lot of people, objects, steps, vendors, customers, etc., which makes it easy to miss something.

In addition, emotions rise when changes are being made.  People get used to routines and habits.  When those are taken away or changed, it can cause feelings of insecurity or lack of confidence.  Those in the position of supervision or management could easily be exposed to employees battling these emotions.  It can help those supervisory people to offer insight, alternatives, resources, etc. to help them to respond in a more supportive manner, which can aid in providing a more calm and smooth work atmosphere.  Added tension and stress need to be avoided.

This “Change Management” workshop is designed to help all employees, regardless of length of service, look constructively at their careers and lives and set realistic goals for increasing their levels of effectiveness and satisfaction. Employees learn to deal successfully with change by reorganizing their thinking in a positive way, to leverage change to their advantage and to make constructive future plans.

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