Money Management Workshops

Who isn’t affected by tight money management these days? Employees are no different. Though some companies may still be providing access to financial investments, the challenge now is where to find the money to invest. Compass Career Management Solutions has a great resource to assist your employees with an “educational workshop”, which provides basic, elementary financial information to help an employee to find ways to make “every penny” work as hard for you as possible.

No, there is no magic wand or crystal ball. As with so many aspects of the financial industry, there is a certain amount of research and best guess that can go into managing money. On the other hand, the workshop does provide solid, factual information that helps you to make the most intellectual decision possible. Remember that many people receive NO education on Money Management.

When unsure about some financial issues, there will be a manual, which provides some credible resources, where you can gain as much information and insight as possible. A big portion of this workshop is to help you evaluate all your expenses and help you to manage your spending better. This program will teach you about making a list of priorities and making yourself accountable for your spending. Some employees receive calls from Collection Agencies at work. This adds stress on them.

This whole workshop is very practical and basic, but it can help make a difference if you follow the guidelines and keep a close tab on how you spend your money. These workshops are usually a half-day long and can include up to 24 attendees. Compass Career Management Solutions is always glad to help anyone better themselves. Call 704-849-2500.