Money Management Workshops


Trying to Balance the Budget
Becoming Aware of How to Manage Finances

How do you feel about your finances?  Does it keep you up at night?  Are you one to closely watch the changing stocks and graphs, trying to determine how your finances stand?   Do you manage your own investments, or does your company provide access to financial investment advice?  The challenge now is keeping current and deciding where to safely invest your money.

Compass Career Management Solutions is not a “financial investment firm”, we do have some great resources, who can provide information to assist your employees with an “educational financial workshop”, which provides basic, elementary financial information to help an employee to find ways to make “every penny” work as hard for you as possible.

Often when companies experience transitions, there are opportunities to allow for employees to make some changes in their financial investments, which can be beneficial.  Making some adjustments don’t happen often, but it could be a matter of timing.  If your company would like to have a financial expert to discuss such changes occurring and then have this expert to educate interested employees to help them, this could be arranged.

As with so many aspects of the financial industry, this professional would include a certain amount of research and determine how to relay appropriate information to your employees.   A short workshop would provide solid, factual information that helps employees to make the most best informed decision possible.  NOTE: Many people receive NO education on Money Management, therefore, this expert would focus on providing pertinent information in an elementary format.

The Financial Representative will not be there to “sell a product” but to educate attendees with data related to your employer.  In addition, this representative will be a local professional, in case anyone would have questions later.

There is another financial-related workshop, which is available to help employees to evaluate all your expenses and help you to manage your spending better.  This program will teach you about making a list of priorities and making yourself accountable for your spending.  Some employees receive calls from Collection Agencies at work.  This adds stress on them.

Both workshops are very practical and basic, but it can help make a difference if your workforce expresses a need for some basic money management assistance, or if your organization wants to offer some investment assistance.  These workshops are usually no more than a half-day long and can include up to 24 attendees. Compass Career Management Solutions is always glad to help anyone better themselves. Call 704-849-2500.