For Compass Career Management Solutions, our Retirement Workshop is a strictly “educational” workshop.  There are no products sold in our Retirement Workshop.  Instead, we educate employees what to expect in retirement, what changes may occur, what choices may be needed, share practical information that might be put into place immediately, and giving them a guide or resources to follow.  The facilitator is a financial professional, who keeps current on investments, retirement programs, laws, taxes, etc.  All information is impartial, factual and shared so that anyone can understand.

There are many misconceptions about retirement, and unfortunately many people find out too late that they were not appropriately prepared for this stage of life, which is a HUGE “transition”.  There are many financial pitfalls that can develop, and there are also many other lapses of information that can cause hardships and discouragement.  The Compass Career Retirement Workshop can be used as an excellent “benefit” for a company’s employees.

The Retirement Workshops are usually kept to 24 attendees, but companies can reduce the number of attendees and adjust the number of workshops and allow spouses or “partners” to attend, which enables the “couples” to better plan their retirement together. These workshops are about 3-4 hours long.  Multiple workshops may allow for a discount.  With the smaller groups, better exchanges occur.  Attendees receive a manual for future references and for making notes from the presentation.  Employees truly value this kind of support from their employers.

For more information, call the Compass Career Management office: 704-849-2500.

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