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A few years ago Compass Career Management Solutions created a free venue for those experienced human resources professionals, who are responsible to make decisions, develop programs, and seek resolutions for new situations, as well as implement those decisions and practices regarding employees in the workplace.

Since their roles directly involve those persons/employees in the workplaces, the situations/circumstances can easily involve personal, sensitive, or emotional matters. The scenarios can vary in importance and urgency. Over the decades some of the issues have dealt with health or the medical arena. Needless to say, it is very critical for these HR Professionals to not only confer with their business attorneys on some matters, but it is also helpful to seek and gather insight and experiences in a timely manner from their fellow HR Professionals.

In the past the Senior HR Forum has met about twice a year, and sometimes less. However, it has been suggested/requested to consider meeting more often. Keeping in mind how busy most of these Sr HR Professionals are, and that there are certain times of year that are even more demanding, I have been sending out emails to past attendees and other potential participants the last few days and will continue for 2 or 3 more to inquire who might be interested in attending an upcoming meeting this month (when we may discuss additional meetings with some meetings offered over the lunch hour to provide an alternative). The next Sr HR Forum is set for Wednesday, February 26.  If interested in attending, please let me know. You are welcome to host a meeting in the future. Try to get back to me ASAP.

Some of the topics we discussed at our last meeting (November 2019) included the topics of a) Performance Management programs that work; b) Employee Branding, c) Employee Surveys; d) Succession Planning; and e) Benefits (including ways to address “mental health”), etc.

Those who have participated in the Senior Human Resources Forum in the past have expressed an appreciation for exchanging ideas, experiences and resources with their colleagues. These meetings also allow attendees to grow a network of trusted HR Professionals. Visit the Compass Career Management website ( and look under the “Workforce Solutions” category for information on Sr. HR Forums.

With so many changes happening in business related to HR Professionals, this venue makes sense to meet occasionally and talk through some of the developments that cross your plates. This venue is not about judgments or criticism, but rather solutions and support for those HRs seeking to gather rational and successful insight to the latest developments. This is all for mutual support.

If a Senior HR Professional in our Charlotte Metro is interested in adding his/her name and contact info to the list for future attendees of this venue, simply email Robyn Crigger, CEO, Compass Career Management Solutions at Phone: 704-849-2500.