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For those seeking "Supportive Affiliates/Organizations/Partnerships"


About 5 years ago Compass Career Management Solutions created a “free” venue for those experienced human resources professionals, who are responsible for “making decisions, developing programs, and seeking resolutions for new situations, as well as implementing those decisions and practices regarding employees in the workplace”.
Since these “senior HR professionals” find themselves dealing with a wide variety of situations, having access to other “experienced” HRs can be a huge help.  The scenarios will vary in importance, risks, seriousness, and urgency.  Some issues have dealt with health, the medical arena, etc..  Obviously, it is very critical for these HR Professionals to confer with their business attorneys on some matters, but also to seek insight and experiences from their fellow HR Professionals and other experts.

The attendees of the Senior HR Forum chose initially to meet only 2 or 3 times a year, and sometimes less due to their packed schedules.  However, others encourage meeting more often.  Since there is no fee for this Forum, and since we are currently meeting via Zoom, I suggest a Forum can be easily arranged every other month with those who are interested can attend by registering on the Compass Career Management Solutions’ website (  The next Sr HR Forum (via Zoom) will be in December.  For this meeting, with such short notice, merely email Robyn Crigger at

Once the COVID vaccine is available to all, we can discuss meeting in person.  You are welcome to host a future meeting; the number of open seats will be based on the space which allows for social distancing, if needed.  Check our website for the next meeting date and time.  Please get back to me ASAP.

Topics for the meetings come from the attendees, who are encouraged to send me 2-3 issues or concerns.  These are gathered and brought to the Forum by Robyn Crigger and posed to the attendees.

The Senior Human Resources Forum’s participants appreciate the exchange of ideas, experiences and resources, which allows attendees to grow a network of trusted HR Professionals.

Visit the Compass Career Management website ( and look under the “Workforce Solutions” category for information on Sr. HR Forums.  This Forum is an opportunity to discuss solutions and support those HRs seeking to gather effective, practical, and successful insight to the latest developments, all for mutual support.

This Forum was created to assist those “HRs in a decision-making role”.  If interested, contact or email Robyn Crigger, CEO, Compass Career Management Solutions at Phone: 704-849-2500.