The Importance of Addressing Workplace Behavior

Are you still working in an office?  A lot of businesses and offices have changed their routines.  In fact, very few work every day in an office.  Still, it is interesting how some employees still experience their supervisors or managers “flex their muscles over the phone, via the computer, or on Zoom, etc.  If you feel tension building, even from a distance, those “in power” are still “getting to you”.  Whether you are feeling bullied, pressured, or manipulated, only you can change this.  No one needs to lose a job, but you should probably talk with your Human Resources Leader first and explain that you need for him/her to act on your behalf in an effort to improve your working condition.  This shouldn’t be interpreted as an ultimatum between you and the aggressor.  Instead, be sure to relay that your superior is making your work life very difficult, and you would like to ask the company to take steps to improve the work culture, making it “a mutually respectful place of employment for all”.

You can approach the situation as a fair way/idea to benefit all employees by suggesting the company provide a constructive venue that would make their workplace a healthy work environment.  A survey could be confidentially posed to the workforce that might help get an idea how the overall employees feel about their work environment.  For instance: a) Do you get along well with your co-workers?  b) Or do you spend a lot of time coping with difficult co-workers or superiors distracting you from your job?  Numerous companies experience behavioral issues that include a lack of mutual respect or common courtesy, bullying, sexual misconduct, egotistical behavior, etc.  There are multiple human emotions that can develop, and a company’s leader should set the boundaries.

Personalities, feelings of being overworked, unreasonable expectations, differences of opinions and beliefs, gossip, etc. can all contribute to a company’s work environment.  Our growing diversity across our country produces benefits and challenges.  Employers need to lay the foundation that covers all variables, i.e. different cultures, different points of view, habits, different values, beliefs, etc.

It is important to have the employer relay a clear message throughout his/her workforce the necessity for positive attitudes and mutual respect of all.  Conflicts and disagreements can still develop.  The media is quick to note when bullying, insensitivity, sexual misconduct, etc. exists.  Such events can lead to workplace violence, which can occur anywhere.  How can an employer improve this situation?

Compass Career Management Solutions has worked closely with employees and management to carve out solutions that mend the emotional scars and help people to move forward in a positive way.  It begins with a carefully structured Forum, where a professional, impartial facilitator encourages open discussions and raises the awareness of our differences, yet how we all want to be respected for who we are.  As a firm with an expertise dealing with changes and transitions, as well as the “human factor”, our facilitator is an experienced professional.  Good exchanges are healthy!

Providing this Forum for your employees will not only resolve many misunderstandings but also lay the groundwork for a more cohesive and productive workforce. The sooner the company openly addresses this situation, involving all employees and being sensitive to the consequences of poor behavior, the sooner healing will begin, and the focus returns to the jobs at hand.  Call us NOW.  This program will also improve productivity and; 704-849-2500