About Us

Compass Career Management Solutions continues to be a proactive and strategic human resources-consulting firm, being in business since 1994.  Robyn and Bill Crigger, CEO and President, respectively, own and operate this firm, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Initially, we were a uniquely comprehensive national outplacement franchise with a strong passion for assisting firms and organizations with a focused and aggressive approach to a business transition.  We helped companies and their leaders to closely examine exactly how they saw and what vision did they have for the future of their organizations.  Managing future changes required a clear vision and well-grounded plan that would excite the workforce and stimulate all to become engaged in a bright future.  Our services and programs include an ongoing cycle of progressive efforts, that allowed all who wanted to be involved and could adopt and support the company vision to have opportunities to grow and develop through whatever business transitions developed.

After celebrating 26 years of our progressive business, Robyn and Bill believe that we have “only just begun”.  Change continues to be everywhere, and Compass Career Management will always keep an open mind as how we might help individuals, as well as a management team, to address any new challenges (or old ones), in order to reach their goals.  Which is why, in addition to outplacement, we will always seek to tackle other new issues,  Compass Career Management will have always be willing to provide some services including  Executive Coaching, Leadership Training, Workplace Behavior Workshops, Strategic Planning Workshops, Succession Planning, and other training programs to help strengthen an organization, etc.  Just remember that Compass Career Management Solutions will always be involved in CHANGE!

20150830_090707Robyn’s background is Elementary Education, whose classes and experiences have proven to be extremely transferrable into the business culture.  As one would imagine, after over 21 years in business, Robyn has gained additional, substantial experience and knowledge in the human resources field.  Her educational focus being communication has also been an additional benefit.


Bill’s background is a rich and extensive education and professional experience in human resources.  In addition to his 20+ years as a human resources professional for the Kroger Co., he also worked with a national Food Trade organization out of Washington, D.C., and was Vice President of Human Resources for Eagles Foods, headquartered in Milan, IL.  Bill has also been deeply involved in the Society of Human Resources Management in Charlotte, NC, including being President, plus winning multiple NC SHRM awards (i.e. HR Professional of the Year, etc.).  More recently, Bill has been a part-time faculty member of the University of Phoenix in Charlotte.

Compass Career Management Solutions has been hired by a wide variety of companies and industries, including manufacturing, law firms, engineering firms, insurance companies, NFL associations, the retail industry, health-related firms, etc.

We have been valued for our professionalism, flexibility and customization of services, accessibility, and effectiveness.  Compass Career Management Solutions is a high integrity organization, who respects its clients and receives their respect in return.





Our son, W. Matthew Crigger, worked for Compass Career Management Solutions from 1997 – 2014, when he passed away.  Matthew was only 15 years old when he first experienced “displacement”, as his dad, Bill Crigger, was downsized from the Kroger Co. in the fall of 1988.  Matthew was devastated by this and couldn’t grasp how this could happen to his dad, especially since Bill had both Bachelor’s and Master’s college degrees and had worked so hard for the Kroger Company.  This experience truly hit Matthew hard.

However, in time Matthew saw that Bill and Robyn Crigger had been able to take their tragedy and put their passion into a line of work where they could help those faced with similar challenges.  Therefore, he eventually asked to get involved in our company in 1997.

Though Matthew was initially working on many “behind-the-scenes” aspects of the business, he eventually asked to work on-site at one of our large outplacement projects, where he found that he had a gift of helping those employees who were downsized, like his father.  Matthew had a smile and warm, friendly nature, which allowed him to bring comfort and support to those downsized employees.

Matthew had permanently damaged lungs from a high school auto accident, restricting his breathing and eventually died on July 4, 2014.  We share this as we were so proud of Matthew’s contribution to our business.