About Us

This year (2024) will mark 30 years in business for Compass Career Management Solutions (as of April 2024).  Robyn and Bill Crigger, CEO and President, respectively, started this business after experiencing job loss and seeing how that affected their children, co-workers, and other employees.  The loss of a job can be devastating, and even when this event is not due to poor performance, lack of integrity, or any other personal shortcomings, it can result in extreme hardships for the employee and their families.  (It should be noted that deciding and managing a business transition is extremely stressful for decision-makers.)

Though multiple services promote assistance with a job search, those offering such services can vary substantially in what they provide.  Many aspects require credible insight and knowledge that many individuals do not consider or understand.  Compass Career Management Solutions provides comprehensive information and directions that allow people to learn and determine the best steps and choices for them.  Compass Career Management shares insightful data and resources, which they can study and determine which ones are more appropriate and a fit for them.

More new occupations are being developed each year, just as other positions may be eliminated.  Assessments can be helpful, but people must be honest with themselves and understand their strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, etc.  A person can be perfectly intelligent yet unsuitable for a particular industry or profession.  Talking with an experienced career coach and having a focused exchange with a person can help that individual become aware of things they hadn’t considered before.  Furthermore, if given the chance to meet with someone in a position they are interested, the job candidate may learn aspects of a role that would not work for that person.

Compass Career Management Solutions is experienced in not only Outplacement (group and individuals) but is also capable of Leadership Training, Improving Communication within a Workforce, and other related Human Resources issues.  Change occurs in all businesses and industries.  All are encouraged to get acquainted with Compass Career Management and discuss issues that could assist owners, managers, and others.





Our son, W. Matthew Crigger, worked for Compass Career Management Solutions from 1997 – 2014, when he passed away. Matthew was only 15 years old when he first experienced “displacement”, as his dad, Bill Crigger, was downsized from the Kroger Co. in the fall of 1988, when the Kroger Co chose to close this Carolina District, reassigning a few remaining stores to different districts, leaving the majority of employees without jobs.

Matthew was devastated by this and couldn’t grasp how this could happen to his dad, especially since Bill had both his Bachelor’s and Master’s college degrees and had worked so hard for the Kroger Co. This experience truly hit Matthew hard. For a 15-year old, he viewed this event as an employer being disloyal to a dedicated employee, though the fact is it was a difficult “business decision”.

However, in time Matthew saw that Bill and Robyn Crigger had been able to take their tragedy and put their passions into a line of work where they could help those faced with similar challenges. Eventually, Matthew became drawn to this business and the idea of helping others, and therefore asked to get involved in our company in 1997.

(Matthew’s younger brother, James, didn’t grasp the initial event, though he was affected as he learned of the need to move, leaving his neighbors and friends. James experienced a rough transition as a adolescent, half-way through a school year.)

When Matthew joined our business, he was required to work on many “behind-the-scenes” aspects of the business, until he eventually asked to work on-site at one of our large outplacement projects. There he found that he had a gift of helping those employees, who were downsized, like his father. Matthew had a welcoming smile and a warm, friendly nature, which allowed him to bring comfort and support to those downsized employees, as well as being able to build good relations with management. His genuine compassion was his gift.

(Matthew experienced several misfortunes, which lead to his life being cut short. The one consolation is he was able to bring a natural love and sincere caring to those close to him, including many who worked with him. He was a blessing.)

Robyn A. Crigger, CEO and Mother