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Most in business are aware of the importance of training and continued development of employees. Training is one of the top requests from employees.  There are different kinds of training, as well as different reasons for training, but providing this service is one way that employees believe that employers demonstrate that they care and are valued.  Plus “training” and developing employees’ skills is a definite way the employees can contribute more to their employer.

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Change Management

There are a wide range of “changes” in business, and of those the impact can be can be positive and negative.  An acquisition or merger might cause some existing employees to be released due to duplication of designated skills or employees.  Although if a business is growing, they could conceivably need all employees.  As for a reorganization or restructuring, there may be some employee reduction determined after some evaluation.  If the company tries to rush this step, they could find themselves releasing some employees, who later they request their return.  There are still other types of changes that can develop.

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Team Building

The success of a company/organization is directly impacted by how the workforce works and cooperates together. The “team” mentality begins with the organization’s leader. The company’s leader needs to demonstrate the value of “team”.  When the employees are made aware of other co-workers’ capabilities or challenges, together the two employees can be of support and find ways to be more productive.  Such a “communication workshop” can boost the Bottom Line.

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Workplace Behavior

With our very diversified workforce, more challenges have developed regarding appropriate and respectful Office Behavior!  Everyone in a workforce possesses unique habits, routines, and processes that he/she have had over their lifetime.  Each culture, nationality, religion, etc. has special ways learned from those close to them.  However, for some who find those unusual or uncommon, it may seem strange or different.  Still, all persons in the workforce should be instructed to exhibit respect for others.  This area of human relations is extremely important and should be encouraged and expected of all.

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Customer Service Workshops

Why is “good” Customer Service so important?  Like good Workplace Behavior, it is a matter of being respectful of all (co-workers, superiors, customers, vendors…)  Not only should there always be respect shown to others, but something as simple as being polite and helpful makes a BIG difference in how a customer responds and reacts to the company.  When an employee treats a customer in a respectful manner and is honest, the customer is more likely to consider the company for their needs.  However, there can be some customers who might be less than “trying of one’s patience”.  This is one reason that employers might consider providing some good tips and advice on how to improve Customer Service?  Contact Compass Career Management Solutions and discuss having one of our top consultants provide a very effective Customer Service Workshop.  It can be very helpful.

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Being a Business Owner is HARD WORK, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! HOWEVER, if you are in a career transition and are considering the option of becoming a business owner, here are some points to consider:  Do you have a passion for something that you could turn into a business?  Are you well organized?  Do you have a clear understanding of all aspects of business ownership?  Do you have at least 1-3 years’ worth of salary available?  Then locate a reputable, qualified Business Attorney and CPA to help you determine if you are in a good position for this career choice.  Compass Career Management Solutions can provide some information to become more organized for this BIG STEP.

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