Individual Career Transition Programs

Any person may find him/herself released or downsized from his/her job and not offered any Outplacement or Job Search Support Service.  In such a case you can request that your company hire Compass Career Management Solutions.  Compass Career Management provides multiple outplacement programs, including our QUICK START programs, that is a concentrated and direct process that teaches you to identify what areas with which you need more assistance in order to manage your own job search effectively.  (NOTE: Your Coach can teach you how to effectively take control of your job search.)

The individual programs are based on the amount of time spent covering and assisting you with critical aspects of a job search. The approach of Compass Career Management is to put YOU in the “Driver’s Seat” of your job search.  The more time the coach is directly involved in this process, the higher the charge.  Normal areas and services covered include:

  • Identifying Your Job Priorities (Determining your preferences in a job)/Goals
  • Reviewing Your Core Competencies and What Position Might Match These Capabilities
  • Selecting an Appropriate Industry That Utilizes Your Skills
  • Developing a Creative and Productive Marketing Plan to Promote Yourself
  • Organization of and Management of Your Time/Efforts
  • Networking Skills Instruction
  • Selection and Use of Resources, including the Internet and Social Media
  • Interview Technique Coaching
  • Salary Negotiation

A coaching session is usually about 60 minutes long, though your initial session may run 20-30 minutes longer. You can choose to spend more time in those areas where you may value more assistance, and manage the timing accordingly.  You may also receive articles on specific areas of a career transition.  You will also be encouraged to seek out professional organizations for networking, which can be very useful.  We also suggest other efforts that can strengthen your position as a Job Search Candidate.