Career Transition

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Individual Programs

Companies, as well as Individuals themselves, can pay Compass Career Management Solutions to receive Career Transition support.

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Executive-Management Programs

Basic outplacement programs include core services but with varied amounts of time with a professional outplacement consultant. Programs with more time allotment could also include additional career transition tools and resources.

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Group Outplacement Services

When your company and organization finds themselves forced to reduce a portion of your workforce, a professional outplacement firm, such as Compass Career Management Solutions, who are experts in business transitions, can assist your organization to evaluate and/or confirm those to be released, thinking through that organization’s processes and helping them to determine what outplacement program would be best for them.

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Plant and Facility Closures

Plant or Facility Closures often use the “group outplacement programs” mentioned previously. However, other additional human resource programs may be needed to assist the leadership or management to cope with emotional and transitional issues.

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