Customer Service Workshops


Who has experienced “poor customer service”, or how many would return to that establishment again?  VERY FEW!!!  Most people work so very hard for their earnings that the last thing they can tolerate is “poor customer service”.  In fact, people who experience bad customer service are 2 or 3 times more likely to spread the word about their bad customer service than to talk about their good customer service experiences.  Needless to say, those bad experiences get relayed to many more people in a short amount of time, which really harms a business.

Furthermore, It is unfortunate that “good customer service skills” are being found less across the board than in the past.  In fact, many are in such a hurry today that numerous people can be down-right rude and inconsiderate to others.  For this reason, employers really encouraged to provide “Good Customer Service Skills” training.  Businesses, who have “good customer service”, find that their customers return more frequently, as well as bring new customers with them.

Another aspect to the value of “good customer service” is that today people realize how easy it is to lose one’s job, and therefore, they refuse to spend those hard-earned dollars on “poor service”.  These are two reasons employers realize the seriousness of how “customer service” affects their bottom lines, as well as why they should invest in a good trainer of this skill.  Good Customer Service Skills can really increase the Bottom Line substantially!!!  Most buyers/customers want businesses to listen to them, but instead, many businesses and their employees are focused on what they want to sell.  BIG MISTAKE!

The list of experiences and good outcomes from “good customer service” noted above are REAL and VALUABLE!  Still, good customer service doesn’t “just happen”.  People need to be trained, allowed to practice what they learn, and then review what works or how to be better.  It, therefore, takes some time and review before this becomes more natural for anyone.  This is especially true when dealing with more difficult people, and we all know that there are those people everywhere.  Still, a big factor in good customer service skills is the demonstration of “mutual respect”.  These workshops are usually kept small for good exchanges and impact.

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