Critical Factor to the Survival of a Business

NOTICE OF A CRITICAL FACTOR TO A BUSINESS’ SURVIVAL Effective Communication Skills The top issue or concern that employees relay the most re: their companies and organizations is “Communication”.  This can be a serious indicator of a problem for most business owners and leaders, as communication is critical to their progress and growth.  It would … Read more

Are You Prepared for the Potential Risks in the Future?

“Taking Care of Our Planet” PREPARING FOR THE “WHAT IF’S”: FUTURE UNCERTAINTIES Wherever you go, and whomever you talk with, you can expect different perspectives and points of view when it comes to potential risks to the public in the future.  Many have had family and friends to die from COVID.  Numerous people have jobs … Read more

Networking – A Genuine Job Search Tool

IS NETWORKING STILL VALUABLE? How Networking Can Be a Credible Resource? Whoever invented the word “networking” did not create the most effective term.  It doesn’t really describe the function or purpose.  Before this term was created, a person was likely to turn to one of his/her acquaintances to ask for advice and assistance with a … Read more