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Since 1994 Compass Career Management Solutions has assisted a long diverse list of companies across the United States.  Our clients willingly created our business’ name, using specific words that described how our firm’s capabilities uniquely enabled us to address and resolve the challenges of our clients.  Thus, the name given to us became: Compass (giving direction) Career (identifying the best path for our clients) Management (allowing us to orchestrate the most effective process) and Solutions (building clear “procedures” to overcome all obstacles).  Therefore, our company name officially became Compass Career Management Solutions.  Our passion strives to help others take proactive steps for a healthier future.

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Why is Outplacement a Wise & Beneficial Resource?

Poor Communication & a Feeling of Disrespect

When it is necessary to release an employee, even with an employee who seems congenial, the reaction of the employee to the notice from the Supervisor can be extremely hard to hear and accept.  No one enjoys hearing that they are no longer needed or wanted as an employee.  Plus, an employer never knows what is happening at the “home front”.  There could be additional issues and problems with spouses, children, or finances.  The loss of a job can lead to intense emotions.

Outplacement is NOT a placement service, but rather it provides professional assistance and coaching to those in a “career transition”.  This informs and educates a job search candidate about what career options exist, helps the candidate to become more aware of his/her skills, competencies, preferences/priorities, etc.  Even helps to draft a professional resume and become aware of different companies to target.

With all this in mind, Outplacement can provide a buffer or a preventative measure that can remove or reduce the “sting of this news”. By connecting the affected employee with a professional resource, who can offer effective measures and can assist this employee with credible and proactive support, it keeps that employee to feel like being offered a “life line”.

In addition to providing that employee with concrete assistance, it could avoid an upset employee from turning this situation into a legal entanglement.  When released employees tell friends and neighbors of being released, it is quite common for others to suggest suing or attacking that employer with legal ramifications.  Unfortunately, such steps can often work against the employee, causing negative feelings to escalate, leading to increased negativity, making that employee less appealing to other employers.

The support of Outplacement can avoid all that and move the employee forward in a positive direction.  This benefits both the employer and exiting employee.  Outplacement can avoid a difficult situation from becoming a devastating event.  Compass Career Management Solution has successfully assisted a multitude of such events for over 27 years with a wide range of industries, and in 35 states.

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    Our Executive HR Coaches have over 20+ years in business and human resources experience. Our clientele recognizes and values the insight, exposure, and high integrity we share with their organizations. Our executive coaching enables their leaders to make sound, strategic decisions, which places them on the continued road of success.

    Performance Culture: A Program To Create A Fully Engaged And Productive Workforce

    Performance Culture: A Program To Create A Fully Engaged And Productive Workforce

    Performance Culture

    Finally, a resource that promotes focused communication, effective training and development to strengthen the workforce with an excellent approach and mindset that encourages collaboration and team spirit.  A CREDIBLE TOOL THAT BRINGS OUT QUALITY CHARACTERISTICS, ALONG WITH THE SKILLS AND STRENGTHS OF THE WORKFORCE, WHICH ENHANCES THE POTENTIAL CAPABILITIES OF AN ORGANIZATION.

    Each employee adds his/her special gifts, with which other employees’ contributions help to deliver even more benefits to the company and eventually, to the world.  One person makes a good contribution, but combine those with others’ efforts, and a business can produce a much bigger impact, which could improve a region or a state.

    This resource was designed to address key areas that was detrimental to the “Employer-Employee” Relationship.  Instead, reasonable goals were set and accomplishments were produced that served the vital necessities for local and global requirements.

    Compass Career Management partnered with this strategic organization, as we believed this tool along with professional coaching would enable your organization to fulfill your goals.  This resource, PERFORMANCE CULTURE, will enable you to develop a much more effective, productive workforce, improving employee engagement and creating “clear expectations”, while developing a much more efficient and effective organization.  Help your company leaders to learn more facts, which will greatly improve your Bottom Line.

      “Good Leaders Command Respect and Trust”

    Good Leaders Command Respect and Trust

    Leadership Training

    “A Critical Investment in the Future”

    Not everyone is meant to be a “LEADER”.  When asked what characteristics or competencies you expect in a “Leader”, many would say: Honest, Dependable, Responsible, Hard-Working, Intelligent, etc.  All of these are good descriptions of a “valuable employee”, BUT are these enough to make a “good LEADER”?  Secondly, does this person WANT to be a LEADER?  Leadership is a HUGE responsibility, and there are many who do NOT want this on their shoulders.  So what does make a good LEADER?

    This topic is the first part of LEADERSHIP TRAINING – to discuss and ask if a person is really ready for and wants to be a LEADER?  One young professional told me that she didn’t have “confidence” in her Leader.  That is definitely a bad sign.  Leaders need to possess a personality and behavior that emits high expectations and is trustworthy.  If the Leader does not possess these two traits, it should cause an employer to doubt the person’s leadership potential.

    Through a well-developed Leadership program, there are several phases in “developing a strong, effective leader”.  Our process also includes actual experience in “decision making”, as well as learning the specific skills needed to provide “good leadership”.  A person may appear to possess good leadership characteristics, UNTIL they encounter a crisis and are unable to perform the role.  At Compass Career Management our Leadership Development program includes exposure to events that should identify possible “weak links”.  We also believe in the use of occasional “refreshers”.  If a Leader is able to motivate a person to defeat his/her fears in performing a task, it is a good sign of “TRUST”.  Contact Compass Career Management to learn more.

    The Importance of Leadership Traits

    The Importance of Leadership Traits

    Effective Management Training

    Employers, do you select inspiring/motivating Managers, or do your Managers cause your “good employees” to leave?

    Most employers know that each part of a machine must receive regular maintenance, attention and care in order to continue functioning at its best. Without that cleaning or greasing of the wheels, the machine will stall and eventually come to a halt or break down. Employees are no different – they need regular TLC to perform effectively and efficiently, which Compass Career Management can provide.

    Everyone is different, but most persons are hard-working and yet still benefit from clear structure and directions.  In addition, employees also respond well to encouragement, support and respect.  To further invest in good employees, it helps for them to understand “clear expectations” and receive occasional training to strengthen their abilities to do their very best.  With this type of employer-employee relationship the mutual respect and support delivers superior results.

    Unfortunately, when employers inadvertently hire a Manager, who is more interested in his/her paycheck or boosting his/her ego by using degrading attitudes and behavior to accentuate “authority”, this is a MAJOR PROBLEM.  It is hard enough to locate “good employees” without having an overzealous “manager” imposing his/her low self-esteem on them.  Therefore, Compass Career Management encourages Employers to be careful about hiring poorly trained managers with negative attitudes.  It is understandable that employers want employees who are dependable and willing to give a hard day’s efforts but only when treated with respect.

    Therefore, be selective about those you choose to be managers, and make sure those managers receive a “healthy dose of good management training”.  The training is worth the investment.